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TMS wet drum magnetic separator

TMS wet drum magnetic separator


The TMS wet drum magnetic separator is developed for the recovery of basic magnetic materials with extremely fine particles in low concentration media. In the past few years, it has successfully sold multiple equipment and related spare parts in the Chinese market, and the product quality and after-sales service have received unanimous trust and praise from customers.

The TMS wet drum magnetic separator is widely used in Coal preparation plant in heavy medium separation operation, ore processing (mineral cleaning) and other fields.


Operational principle

The Fumart TMS wet drum magnetic separator uses a rotating drum made of stainless steel to immerse the lower part of the drum into a stainless steel groove with heavy media passing through. The uniquely designed permanent magnet located inside the drum generates a high gradient magnetic field, which adsorbs suspended fine magnetic particles onto the surface of the drum. When the drum rotates, these magnetic particles rotate to the non magnetic section of the drum and are removed into the discharge chute through the concentrate discharge scraper.


Product advantages

  • Special design, sealed in the magnetic system inside the stainless steel drum;

  • The magnetic system adopts high-quality permanent magnet materials, with a demagnetization rate of<1% in 50 years;

  • Wear resistant aluminum end flange (stainless steel end cover can also be made according to customer requirements);

  • The overall stainless steel cylinder skin has a service life of over 10 years;

  • Easy lubrication and inspection without disassembling the drum;

  • The cylinder is accurately positioned before leaving the factory, eliminating on-site adjustment steps and can be installed and used immediately;

  • Specially designed modular tank for easy installation;

There are different types of magnetic separators, including drum separators, suspended magnets, and magnetic pulleys. Drum separators consist of a rotating drum that contains a magnetic field. As material flows into the drum, magnetic particles are attracted to the drum's surface and are carried out of the flow for further processing. Suspended magnets are typically positioned above conveyor belts and use a magnetic field to attract and remove magnetic particles from the material passing underneath. Magnetic pulleys are used to separate ferrous materials from non-magnetic ones by placing them in the vicinity of a rotating magnetic drum.

Magnetic separators are effective for separating materials such as iron, steel, and other magnetic particles from bulk materials. They are widely used in industries to remove unwanted magnetic materials, protect processing equipment, and ensure product quality.