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Heavy medium sorting tank

Heavy medium sorting tank


The heavy medium sorting tank is a low-cost sorting equipment used for sorting raw coal larger than 6.35mm. Due to the use of special wear-resistant pads, specially designed high chromium steel extended wear-resistant transmission chains, and reducers installed on shafts, the sorting tank greatly improves the equipment's service life, efficiency, and ease of operation. Fumate dense medium separation tank is widely used in Coal preparation plant dense medium separation operation and ore processing (mineral selection) and other fields, and has won the trust and praise of customers.


operational principle

The working principle of the Fumat heavy medium sorting tank is based on the principle of floating and sinking. Coal floats and gangue sinks, and coal is discharged from the overflow weir. The gangue sinks to the bottom and is discharged by the gangue scraper.

Product advantages

Relatively low capital investment and low maintenance costs;

Simple structure and long service life

High sorting efficiency and precision for coarse coal ≥ 6.35mm;

Capable of meeting different sorting densities

Having the ability to handle materials with high gangue content;

There are various models available for selection.

Simple operation and maintenance, safe use, high cost-effectiveness, sufficient spare parts, and timely and thoughtful service.


A coal heavy medium sorting tank, also known as a coal dense medium separator or coal dense medium cyclone, is a specific type of equipment used in the coal industry for the separation and sorting of coal particles based on their density. It is a gravity-based separation method that relies on the principle of dense medium separation.

Here is a general overview of how a coal heavy medium sorting tank works:

1. Preparation of heavy medium: A dense medium, typically a suspension of fine magnetite particles in water, is prepared. The specific gravity of the dense medium is adjusted to match the desired separation density for the coal particles.

2. Feed preparation: The coal is crushed to a specific size range to ensure effective separation. The crushed coal is mixed with the dense medium to form a slurry.

3. Slurry feeding: The coal and dense medium slurry is introduced into the sorting tank through a feed inlet.

4. Separation by density: Inside the tank, the slurry is subjected to centrifugal forces, causing the denser coal particles to settle towards the bottom, while the lighter impurities float towards the top.

5. Sorting and discharge: The separated coal particles are collected and discharged from the bottom of the tank through specific outlets. The impurities and lighter materials are removed from the top of the tank.

6. Recycling of dense medium: The dense medium that contains suspended impurities is recycled and reused in the process after undergoing filtration and purification.

The coal heavy medium sorting tank is an efficient method for coal separation because it relies on the difference in density between coal and impurities. It is widely used in coal preparation plants to upgrade the quality of coal by removing impurities such as rock, shale, and sulfur. The sorted coal can then be used for various applications, including power generation and industrial processes, with improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact.