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Electronics Industry


Elextronics Industries:

  • Optical films, plastic films, films.

  • LCD.

  • Bonding and sealing gaskets – camera,

    window LCD, ear piece, power button, etc.

  • Thermal management pads.

  • Speaker and microphone filters.

  • Electronic device housing vents.

  • Touch screen optically clear adhesive and film.

  • Circuit board attachment, electrical conduction.

  • Spacers and cushioning within assembly.

  • Light blocking, reflection.

  • Gaskets, spacers & shims.

  • EMI/RFI shielding.

  • Membrane switch components.

  • Shock, vibration & noise dampeners.

  • Printed Electronics.

  • LED lighting.

  • Flex circuit components.


1. Mobile phone equipment 

Mainly used for double-sided adhesive die cut machine, all kinds of protective film die cut machine.

Mobile phone is the most widely used die cutting products in the field. The operation of mobile phone is increasingly intelligent, the fuselage is thinner and thinner, are inseparable from the continuous innovation of die cutting technology and the support of ultra-fine processing technology, especially the double-sided adhesive die cutting parts of electronic products. 

Take a look at the parts that need to use die cutting process in the mobile phone field:

Protective film, touch screen, display screen, backlight film, Windows, black and white adhesive, lens protection, nameplate, sequence label, earphone/microphone O-ring fixed, earphone/microphone dust screen, window/microphone dust pad, handset/microphone cushion, handset/microphone dust pad, PCB fixed plate, LCD reflection film, backlight, battery compartment, battery label.


2. Tablet equipment

Mainly used for double-sided adhesive kiss die cutting machine, all kinds of protective film kiss die cutting machine.

Tablet are the device segment most closely associated with the die cutting industry after mobile phones. The trend of tablet computers replacing notebooks is inevitable, and the more humanized and intelligent tablet devices are also closely related to the die cutting process. So, what are the parts of the die cutting process used in the tablet device? As follows:

Protective film, touch screen, display screen, touch screen washer, touch screen fixed rubber pad, display screen fixed rubber pad, camera lens, motherboard, port insulation protective layer, top cover, label, microphone dust screen, LED board, FPCB fixed, battery bin fixed, battery bin cushion, window fixed, microphone dust screen, microphone cushion, microphone dust screen, button switch, back light source .


3. Smart watch equipment

Mmainly used for double-sided adhesive die-cut, all kinds of protective film die-cut.

Recently, more hot smartwatch products are still a wide range of die cutting products, smart watch again and again shine in the world behind, also cannot leave the die-cutting more sophisticated, high precision technology support.

Smartwatch applied to die cutting components: watchband, screen protection film, touch screen, display screen, circuit motherboard, backlight components, air filter, battery interface and other soft board components.


4. Digital products 

Mainly used for double-sided adhesive die cutter and embossing machine, all kinds of protective film die cutter and embossing machine.

All kinds of digital products are filled with our world, and die cutting technology is also ubiquitous in life and work.

Camera, camcorder, digital camera, digital speaker equipment (such as opera machine, etc.), MP3, MP4, MP5, recorder, scanner, DVD player, storage card, telephone, set-top box, satellite receiving device, TV, and CNC household appliances production and processing are to use die cutting equipment.

Take digital cameras for example:

Rubber pad, PCB protection, flash memory card, LCD cushion fixed, button and hard material fixed, mirror cover fixed, flash battery/cushion fixed, reflective mold fixed, panel fixed, LCD module fixed, nameplate, FPCB, LCD module fixed, FPCB fixed, FPCB fixed, panel fixed, serial number label, Receiver/microphone dust cushion, lens cushion, FPCB fixed


5. LCD equipment

The invention and popularization of LED and LCD display devices have made our world more colorful and visually richer. Similarly, continuous innovation in this field is also inseparable from the support of automatic die cutter.

It is used in liquid crystal optical films, polarizers, backlights, various rubber pads, reflectors, diffusers, and light-shielding tapes at the components of rear projection lamps, for dust-free microfabrication in clean rooms.