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International Die-Cutting Expo


Fumart participated in the International Die Cutting Exhibition held in Shenzhen.

the 16th Shanghai International Adhesive Tape Protective Film & Functional Film Expo

Shanghai international Flexible Package Expo

Shanghai International Coiling Material & Die-cutting Expo

die cutting machine (Die Cutting Machine) is mainly used in the corresponding non-metallic materials, mobile phone accessories, digital, LCD, photoelectric, electronic, IT, printing, packaging, self-adhesive, EVA, double-sided adhesive, automobile and other manufacturing industries, such as backlight module with optical diaphragm, adhesive products, dust-proof materials, shock-proof products , insulation materials, EMI shielding materials, heat insulation materials, self-adhesive labels, carton packaging and other punching and die cutting (full break, half break), indentation and gilding operations, laminating, automatic waste discharge, die cutting machine using steel knife, metal mold, steel wire (or steel plate carved into the template), through the embossing plate to apply a certain pressure, printing or cardboard rolling cut into a certain shape. It is an important equipment for post-press packaging processing and forming.

【 Scope of Exhibition 】

一, die cutting materials:

1. Optical film: polarizing film, reflecting film/film, diffusion film/film, brightening film/film, optical protective film, ITO film, etc.

2, adhesive products: all kinds of adhesive tape, protective film, label, double-sided adhesive, foam, foam, sponge.

3, film: release film & release paper, PET, PVC, PE, PC film, foam rubber, rebound glue, etc.

4, other categories: paper (box), metal foil (copper, aluminum), rubber, plastic, cotton (cloth), film, silk screen, etc.

二, die cutting equipment:

1, round knife die cutting machine (multi-station rotary die cutting machine), single and double seat die cutting machine, multifunctional die cutting machine, slitter machine, slitter machine, etc

2. Self-adhesive trademark die-cutting machine, die-cutting punch machine, knife die machine, slicer, cutting machine, laminating machine, etc

3, Round flattening, flat pressure die cutting machine, round pressure die cutting machine, printing slotting die cutting machine, label die cutting machine, die cutting machine accessories, etc

4, mold (laser knife die, etching knife die, metal die, hardware die), tools, dressing machine, punching machine, coater, rewinding machine, slicer, laminating machine, labeling machine, marking machine, laser cutting machine, engraving machine, stamping equipment, injection mold, projector, thickness measuring instrument and related analysis and testing instruments.



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