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International Adhesive Tape & Film Expo


Fumart participated in the 17th Shanghai International Tape and Film Exhibition (die Cutting Exhibition), which is held annually in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.

Tape World, film world -- "APFE" is an international event dedicated to promoting the application and expansion of adhesive new materials and functional membrane materials market.

"APFE" is committed to promoting adhesive new material and functional membrane material market application and manufacturing technology innovation, to build a global communication, exchange, win-win business cooperation and information technology platform. The exhibition scope covers new adhesive materials (adhesive tape, protective film, adhesive label, release material), functional film materials (flexible packaging film, photoelectric/optical film, glass/screen film, new energy film and other functional films), die cutting materials (foam materials, shielding/thermal conductivity, insulation/conduction, waterproof/sealing, shock absorption/buffering and other roll/die cutting materials), And material manufacturing and processing technology equipment, related raw materials and chemical products.

"APFE" is rooted in Shanghai, with a global perspective, and continues to lead the new future of adhesive new materials and functional film business!

【 Scope of Exhibition 】

New adhesive material:

01 All kinds of film, paper, cloth, foil, foam and other substrate adhesive tape products (including degradable/no substrate; Pressure sensitive film, etc.)

All kinds of adhesive protective film (PE, PET, OPP, PVC, BOPP, TPU, etc.); Including protective paste/explosion-proof film/hardening film/anti-scratch film/anti-peeping film, car coat film/paint protective film/car protective film, a variety of process protective film, etc

03 Adhesive label/self-adhesive; Adhesive marking material, adhesive reflective film; Advertising materials, etc

04 auxiliary materials (release materials) and related chemical products;

◆ Functional film class:

1) Packaging/flexible packaging film (barrier film, aluminized film, printing film, etc.)

2) Film for photoelectric/screen (optical protective film, hardening film/anti-scratch film/anti-peek film/explosion-proof film/anti-glare film, ITO film, OCA optical glue, etc.);

3) Optical grade film/optical film (brightening film, diffusion film, reflection film, polarizing film, brightening composite film, light guide film and other backlight/display optical grade film);

4) Smart window film/heat insulation film/car film/dimming film and other glass films;

5) Energy film (photovoltaic film/battery diaphragm/water treatment film);

6) Other functional films: IMD decorative film, graphite thermal conductivity film, insulating film, antistatic film, laser film, nano film, PC/PMMA and other functional film/sheet/plate;

7) Auxiliary materials (release materials) and related chemical products;

Other coil die cutting class

Foaming material; Metal foil (copper, aluminum) materials; Paper, fabric/non-woven fabric/mesh and other flexible coil/die-cut materials

Production technology and equipment

All kinds of flexible coil manufacturing process of feeding, coating, drying, coiling, laminating, rewinding, slitting, die cutting, packaging and other related technology equipment.



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