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Printing Industry


Printing Industries:

  • Screen Protective films.

  • Security labels.

  • Identification labels and traceability labels.

  • Dashboards.

  • Membrane switch and panel.

  • High temperature labels.

  • Label stickers.

  • IC cards.

  • Credit cards.

  • Contactless cards.

  • Poker card.

  • Playing card.

  • Membership card.

  • Identification card.

  • Name card.

  • Chinese envelopes.

  • Western envelopes.

  • Jigsaws puzzle.

  • Papers.


Mainly used in self-adhesive die cutting machine, all kinds of paper cutting machine.

Office supplies: copy paper, release paper, filling paper, notes, notebooks, bills, requisition, leave, invoices, statements and other paper supplies.

Commercial super paper: labels, price stickers, shopping receipts, commodity name stickers, promotional stickers, etc.

Industrial paper: Paper or board, such as kraft paper board, corrugated core paper, coated white paper board, grey board, etc., used to make cartons, boxes, cups, plates, etc