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Fumart is a leading designer and manufacturer of equipment for industrial processing applications, including rotary die cutting machines, laser and die cutting machines,  customized service,spare parts,and Outsourcing service.

We also offer OEM/ODM service for new energy battery electrode,plastic, electronic screen, conductive/insulation pads, graphite thermal pads, medical and cosmetic,  card machines industry,  smart label, RFID radio and tags, anti-dust foams meshes, etc. 

With our professional manufacturing capabilities and tailor-made solutions ,Fumart has become one of the largest manufacturing in China. 


FUMART automation equipment technology co., LTD., founded in December 2016, has established a production base in langfang, which is close to the capital Beijing. It has not only a fully equipped assembly plant, but also a sales and service center with workshops and spare parts warehouse.

The company focuses on the die-cutting mechanism manufacturing field, for mobile phones, tablets, smart TVS, touch screens, personal computers, laptops, computers, lithium batteries, automotive and medical services customers to provide a series of die-cutting machine; FUMART is a leader in automation technology, providing one-stop innovative solutions for electronics, printing, packaging, and healthcare.

Multi-station circular knife die cutting machine is a blessing, through technological innovation, research and development of a with independent property rights of a high speed and precision die-cutting equipment, through the modular production process of quick response to customer demand, can reduce the labor costs for the customers, for customers to save raw materials, for customers improve production efficiency, has become a leading one-stop technology solutions provider. In terms of sales and service, our senior elite team, full of passion and professional skills, ensure your success。

With market-leading products, top-notch service and proven quality standards, our employees contribute significantly to the r&d, process improvement, and machine improvement in each brand's core areas. In addition to providing products with high quality components, we also attach great importance to the maintenance of the supply chain to ensure the economical and efficient production of our machines。

As a user of FUMART, you can benefit from two aspects: one is that we can provide solutions with fair price and meet the market demand; the other is that we have FUMART brand, which can help you to succeed!

Seven Management systems


Fumart has a sound management system, from the supply chain system, key parts production process system, to Storage, Packaging, QC System and Pre-shipment Inspection sytem, After-sales Service system.

Fumart owns automatic equipment die cutting machine factory, and also the machine parts factory, so we can be very confidence to be sure the low cost & good quality, which has huge advantages in the combination with the equipment.

Fumart has very strict control system during the production process, each part of the equipment has drawings, every step of production has a standard operating procedure, strictly follow the SOP and drawings; Quality inspection and records for each step, to be sure to nip problems in the bud, rather than at the last step, when many problems may have been covered up by later processes; 

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