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South Korean Customers Visit Our Company to Discuss Innovative Production Solutions for Power Battery FPC

Today, our company Fuamrt had the honor of receiving visitors from South Korea to discuss innovative production solutions for power battery FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit), with a focus on the application and optimization of rotary die-cutting equipment.

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The visit from the South Korean clients aimed to gain in-depth insights into our company's innovative technology and business strength in the FPC production field, while engaging in discussions and exchanges regarding the latest rotary die-cutting equipment. During the meeting, both parties engaged in in-depth discussions on topics such as the performance of the new rotary die-cutting equipment, production efficiency, and its application in the production process of power battery FPC.

Our company possesses extensive experience and technological capabilities in the FPC field and shared our independently developed advanced technology and innovative application cases with the clients. Furthermore, we introduced the potential benefits and opportunities of introducing new rotary die-cutting equipment, such as increasing production efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing product quality for power battery FPC.

Both parties reached a consensus on the potential application of rotary die-cutting equipment and future cooperation, and engaged in in-depth discussions on technical details, cooperation models, and explored future opportunities for collaboration.

This visit will further enhance the cooperative relationship between our company and the South Korean clients, promote collaboration and communication in the field of power battery FPC production for new energy vehicle, and establish a closer cooperation bridge for industry upgrading and technological innovation.

Our company will continue to uphold the development philosophy of "innovation, cooperation, and win-win", striving to provide customers with more professional, comprehensive solutions and services to promote the healthy development and technological progress of the power battery FPC industry.

Fumart looks forward to expanding broader cooperation with South Korean clients in the field of power battery FPC and jointly promoting the development of the electronic industry, achieving the great goal of mutual benefit and win-win.

Please stay tuned for further updates on our cooperation progress and business developments!



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