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XJM-S flotation machine

XJM-S flotation machine


The Fumart XJM-S flotation machine is a mechanical stirring self suction flotation machine mainly used for separating coal slime below 0.5mm, and is also an effective equipment for separating iron ore, phosphohydrochloric acid, lead, and zinc ore.


Product characteristics of XJM-S flotation machine

1. This series of flotation machines adopts mechanical stirring, with a double-layer umbrella shaped impeller structure. The upper impeller sucks in flotation reagents and air, while the lower impeller sucks in coal slurry, circulating the coal slurry inside the tank. Stir and mix the three thoroughly. The slurry flow pattern is reasonable and the processing capacity is large.

2. High inflation efficiency, wide adjustable range, and fast flotation speed. When turned on, the intake volume can be adjusted at will.

3. This machine adopts an advanced feeding method: "false bottom suction, peripheral overflow". This feeding method is unique to this machine and combines the advantages of direct current feeding and self suction feeding. It not only overcomes the phenomenon of short circuits in direct current feeding slurry, but also overcomes the disadvantage of small throughput of self suction feeding slurry.

4. According to the difference of coal type, particle size and concentration, optimize the design of hydrodynamic parameters, so as to achieve ideal separation effect for high density, coarse and fine coal.

5. Compact structure, light weight, and reliable operation. Fast flotation speed, high selectivity for fine particle size, and good flotation effect for coarse particle size.

6. Low energy and drug consumption, and lower installed and actual power consumption than flotation machines of the same type and specification.

7. High operational reliability, convenient operation and maintenance, single point control of slurry level, which can be adjusted automatically or manually.

8. The impeller and stator are made of wear-resistant materials, with a service life of 3-5 years.

The XJM-S flotation machine is a type of flotation equipment commonly used in the mineral processing industry. It is designed for the separation of valuable minerals from their ore through the process of flotation.

The XJM-S flotation machine consists of a cell, an impeller, a stator, a rotor, and a suspension mechanism. The cell is where the flotation process takes place, and it is divided into several compartments or chambers. Each chamber contains an impeller, which is responsible for generating and dispersing air bubbles into the slurry. The stator and rotor are used to create a turbulent environment in the cell, which aids in the attachment of air bubbles to the desired minerals.

During the flotation process, the ore is ground into fine particles and mixed with water to form a slurry. Chemical reagents are added to the slurry to selectively coat the valuable minerals, making them hydrophobic (repel water) while leaving the gangue minerals hydrophilic (attract water). Air is then injected into the slurry, and the hydrophobic minerals attach to the air bubbles and rise to the surface of the cell as a froth. The froth, containing the valuable minerals, is collected and further processed to obtain the desired concentrate.

The XJM-S flotation machine offers several advantages, including high efficiency, low power consumption, and easy operation. It is widely used in the flotation of copper, lead, zinc, gold, and other non-ferrous metals and rare metals.