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32B Automatic Screen Frame Adhesives Processing Machine

Mode: FMT250-32B
Stations: 32 Stations / 64 Spindles
Web Width range: 150/250/350/550/650mm
Max press speed: 60m/min
Cutting precision: ±0.1mm
Material form: Roll
Gearing pitch: 1/8''
Electrical: AC400V 50HZ 106KW
Dimension: 11200*1420*2350mm
Weight: 15T
Certification: CE & ISO


Product Information

Fumart high efficiency rotary die cutting machine plays a vital role in the production of cellphone back adhesive tapes or touch screen protective films. This machine enables manufacturers to quickly and accurately cut the raw materials into the desired shapes and sizes, thereby improving production efficiency. Its user-friendly operation allows for automated processes, reducing manual labor and lowering labor costs. Additionally, the rotary die cutting machine ensures precise cutting with minimal errors and consistent cutting quality. Its versatility extends beyond the production of cellphone back adhesive tapes and touch screen protective films, finding applications in manufacturing protective components and precision parts for other electronic products.

Intelligent tension system

      die-cut tool-station          CCD system

Incoming deflector


  • Module design: One machine, by changing tools or adding apparatus (below details), can cover most of the industries, such as Medical and Cosmetic, Anti Dust Foams Meshes, Conductive Insulation Pads, Graphite Thermal Pads, Screen Frame Adhesives, UHFHF RFID Tags Labels, etc.

  • ALL cutter holder's movements are controlled by JAPAN Omron servomotor with enough torsion ,stable acceleration and deceleration, precision can be ±0.05--±0.1.

  • All unwind & rewind shafts are driven separately by servo motors. The unwinding, rewinding, straight & reverse rotation are more flexible and controlled by high sensitivity tension sensor shaft's feedback to ensure smooth running.

  • It can save more 200 kinds of SOP data, improve standard level, and reduce dependence on Operator's experience and reduce more than 60% material waste

  • Main unwind EPC system can stabilize the material feeding into blade holder

  • Movable auxiliary unwind shaft

  • Fracturing detecting machine stop or alarming to reduce material waste.

  • Machine has the function of asynchronous laminating which can save material.

  • Color code electric eye tracking system can meet the demand of position precision of produce printing product.

  • The main operation interface adopts touch panel, with picture display for easy operation. Keyboard, mouse and hand touch are all available.

  • CCD testing system can test position precision all the time during the whole process and then feedback to PLC which send orders to servo motors to adjust position.

Production and QC process systems



The advantages of using a rotary die-cutting machine in the production of cellphone back adhesive tapes or touch screen protective films are as follows:

1. High precision and accuracy: Rotary die-cutting machines are designed to provide precise and consistent cutting of materials. This ensures that the cellphone back adhesive tapes or touch screen protective films are cut to the exact shape and size required, reducing wastage and improving the overall quality of the products.

2. High-speed production: These machines are capable of cutting materials at high speeds, allowing manufacturers to produce a large quantity of cellphone back adhesive tapes or touch screen protective films in a shorter period of time. This increases production efficiency and helps meet tight deadlines.

3. Cost-effective: By automating the cutting process, rotary die-cutting machines reduce the need for manual labor. This not only lowers labor costs but also improves the overall production capacity of the manufacturing line. Additionally, the accurate cutting ensures minimum material wastage, further contributing to cost savings.

4. Versatility: Rotary die-cutting machines are highly versatile and can be used for cutting a wide range of materials, including various types of adhesive tapes, protective films, and other thin materials used in electronic products. This versatility allows manufacturers to adapt to different product requirements and diversify their product offerings.

5. User-friendly operation: These machines are designed with user-friendly interfaces and controls, making it easy for operators to set up and operate the machine. This reduces the need for extensive training and minimizes the chances of human errors during the production process.

6. Consistent cutting quality: Rotary die-cutting machines ensure consistent cutting quality, with minimal variations or errors in each piece. This results in a uniform and professional finish of the cellphone back adhesive tapes or touch screen protective films, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of the final product.

Rotary die cutting machines can be used to apply adhesives for screen bonding in a wide range of electronic products, including but not limited to:

1. Mobile phones

2. Tablets

3. Laptop computers

4. LED displays

5. Printed circuit boards (PCBs)

6. Wearable devices

7. Electronic sensors

8. Medical devices

9. Automotive electronics

10. Aerospace electronics

        Industries       Applications
  • Electronics Industry

  • Medical and Beauty Industry

  • Automobile Industry

  • New Energy Industry

  • RFID Industry

  • Printing Industry

  • Adhesive Industry

  • Packaging Industry

  • Screen Frame Adhesives

  • Medical and Cosmetic

  • Anti Dust Foams Meshes

  • Conductive Insulation Pads

  • Graphite Thermal Pads

  • UHFHF RFID Tags Labels

  • Energy lithium battery

  • Energy flexible circuit





1. Inner Package: Vacuum PET film  

2. In Containers, By sea




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Q1: How the rotay die cutting machine work?

Rotary die cutting is through the blade and roller extrusion material to achieve the purpose of die cutting, the roller is a smooth surface and hard cylindrical shaft, round knife processing is in a process to complete the composite and processing of multi-layer material die cutting method. At present, from the point of view of the tension control system of the multi-station round cutter, it is generally divided into two kinds: one is the automatic tension control program, through the pre-set program, the automatic calculation of the retracting and discharging shaft diameter, timely calculation of torque, so as to ensure the stability of tension. Automatic program tension control system is widely used in Europe and America. In the view of many operators, the program automatic tension control system advantages are very obvious, such as the material does not need to be wound many times; Reduce material scratch, deformation; Easy to operate, easy to upgrade procedures.

Q2: How to debug the round knife die cutting machine??

It needs to be specially emphasized that the level of the auxiliary rod should be corrected, and the roller on the auxiliary rod should rotate smoothly. In the process of discharging material and removing paper, pay attention to the use of tension shaft as far as possible (including waste collection, except for products). In addition, I suggest that the use of curved rod should be avoided where straight rod can be used for this auxiliary rod.

1) Do not knock the edge when adjusting the gap of the edge to prevent the edge from cracking. Generally, adjust the lower tool position before adjusting the blade clearance. During the adjustment, loosen the fastening bolts on the blade base using a professional tool, move the blade base to the proper position, and then tighten the fastening bolts.

2) Adjust the upper tool in the same way as the lower tool. Adjust the upper tool to an appropriate gap according to the thickness of the cutting plate, and align the upper and lower press wheel with the tool. Adjust the position of each tool in turn.

Q3: What is the asynchronous function of circular die cutting machine?

The asynchronous compound circular cutter tool comprises a cutter seat, the cutter seat is provided with an optical axis, and the optical axis is provided with a tool and a groove shaft, the cutter seat is respectively provided with a 50 axis for feeding and waste discharge 30 axis for waste; After asynchronous composite circular tool asynchronous composite, can realize the composite of different semi-finished products, so that the production process from raw materials to finished products can be automated, with a high degree of automation instead of manual operation, can save a lot of labor, and reduce the secondary pollution of manual operation, improve the quality of products.

Q4Why use a rotary die cutting machine to produce smartphone back protection tape or touch screen protectors?                       

AThe rotary die cutting machine offers high precision and high-speed production, ensuring that the smartphone back protection tape or touch screen protectors are precisely and consistently cut. This improves product quality and reduces waste. Additionally, the rotary die cutting machine increases production efficiency and reduces labor and costs.                                                              

Q5What materials are suitable for the rotary die cutting machine?                    

AThe rotary die cutting machine is suitable for various thin materials, such as various tapes, protective films, and other thin materials used in electronic products. Its versatility enables manufacturers to meet different product requirements and diversify product supply.                               

Q6How does the rotary die cutting machine ensure cutting quality?                         

AThe rotary die cutting machine provides consistent cutting quality, minimizing variations and errors with each product. This ensures the consistency of the appearance and functionality of the smartphone back protection tape or touch screen protectors, enhancing the aesthetics and usability of the final product.              Q7What convenience does the rotary die cutting machine offer in operation?          

AThe rotary die cutting machine has a user-friendly interface and controls, allowing operators to easily set up and operate the machine. This reduces the need for extensive training and minimizes the chances of human errors during the production process.                                             

Q8Is it cost effective to use a rotary die cutting machine to produce smartphone back protection tapes or touch screen protectors?              

AThe rotary die cutting machine reduces the need for manual labor and lowers labor costs through automated cutting processes. It also improves the overall production capacity of the production line. Additionally, the precise cutting ensures minimal material waste, further cost savings.

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Fumart Automation Equipment Technology is a professional manufacturer of rotary die-cutting machines and die-cutting machine accessories. We have advanced production facilities and a technical team dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products and excellent services.

Our rotary die-cutting machines adopt the latest cutting technology and high-precision tools, enabling precise cutting of various materials such as paper, tapes, films, and plastics. They have stable performance and high production efficiency, and can meet the needs of different industries.

At the same time, we also provide various die-cutting machine accessories, including cutting dies, anvil cylinders, rotary tooling, spindle, blades and pressure pads. These accessories are precision processed and have excellent wear resistance and durability, effectively prolonging the service life of the machine and improving production efficiency.

Our products are widely used in packaging, printing, leather, furniture, and other industries, and are highly praised by customers. We not only provide reliable products but also customized solutions and technical support to meet different production needs.

Whether you are an individual user or a large company, we can provide you with the most suitable products and services. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our company and products. We look forward to cooperating with you!