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  • Screen Protective films.

  • Security labels.

  • Identification labels and traceability labels.

  • Dashboards.

  • Membrane switch and panel.

  • High temperature label.

  • New adhesive material:paper, cloth, foil, foam and

    other substrate adhesive tape products (including

    degradable/no substrate; Pressure sensitive film, etc.

  • Adhesive protective film:(PE, PET, OPP, PVC, BOPP,

    TPU, etc.); Including protective paste/explosion-

    proof film/hardening film/anti-scratch film/

    anti-peeping film,car coat film/paint protective film/

    car protective film,a variety of process protective film,

  • Adhesive label/self-adhesive; Adhesive marking 

    material, adhesive reflective film; Advertising materials, 

  • RFID components RFID.

  • Access management.

  • Tracking of goods.

  • Tracking of persons and animals.

  • Toll collection and contactless payment.

  • Machine readable travel documents


  • Packaging/flexible packaging film (barrier film,

    aluminized film, printing film, etc.

  • Film for photoelectric/screen

    (optical protective film, hardening film/

    anti-scratch film/anti-peek film/explosion-proof

    film/anti-glare film, ITO film, OCA optical glue,

  • auxiliary materials (release materials) and related

    chemical products




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