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rotary die cutters play a crucial role in various industries, including the electronics industry where they are used for cutting precision components for circuit boards. In the manufacturing of dust proof foam nets, these machines ensure accurate and efficient cutting of the foam material. Additionally, rotary die cutting machines are utilized in the production of conductive and insulating pads for electrical applications. In the medical and cosmetic sectors, these machines help in cutting medical-grade materials and packaging for beauty products. Moreover, rotary die cutting machines are essential for producing ultra-high frequency radio frequency identification tags, graphite heat insulation pads, and adhesive for screen frame bonding. The versatility and precision of rotary die cutting machines make them indispensable for a wide range of applications across various industries.

In the realm of electronic accessories, mobile peripherals, automotive components, and even graphite heat insulation pads, the utilization of rotary die cutting machines stands as a beacon of promise. These machines, with their unparalleled precision cutting capabilities, emerge as indispensable tools in the fabrication of intricate shapes and designs requisite for these diverse industries.

Within the sphere of electronic and mobile accessory manufacturing, rotary die cutters prove their mettle by delivering unmatched accuracy and efficiency in processing various materials. From delicate screens to resilient adhesives and robust filter frames, these machines ensure a seamless fit of components, thereby enhancing the overall quality and functionality of the end product.

Moreover, the versatility of rotary die cutters extends beyond electronic accessories, encompassing materials used in automotive components and graphite heat insulation pads. Their adeptness in handling a spectrum of materials, spanning from plastics and adhesives to films and foams, facilitates streamlined production processes and ensures consistent results across different applications.

In addition to their precision cutting prowess, rotary die cutters boast multifunctionality, capable of performing tasks such as scoring, perforating, and laminating. This versatility not only enhances their value proposition but also empowers manufacturers to optimize production workflows and minimize costs.

As the demand for innovative electronic accessories, mobile peripherals, automotive components, and graphite heat insulation pads continues to surge, the integration of rotary die cutting machines into manufacturing processes emerges as a strategic imperative. These machines not only elevate efficiency and output quality but also foster greater flexibility in design and material selection, thereby catalyzing industry advancement and meeting the dynamic needs of consumers worldwide.


Die cutting products list:

  • Fasteners.

  • Light blocking.

  • Windshield dams.

  • Headlight/taillight gasket.

  • High-temp shielding.

  • Spacers.

  • Insulators.

  • Cushioning, sealing, gasketing.

  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Film.

  • Battery  top cover insulating film              

  • Printed Electronics.

  • LED lighting flexible board

  • electrode material 

  • battery cells   

  • battery top cover insulating film

  • CCS hot pressed film 

  • PC cover plate 

  • CCS harness acquisition board 

  • Aerogel insulation sheet 

  • Gas condensate insulation sheet 

  • Lithium battery heater 

  • Side plate hot pressing film

  • Laptop/Tablet Batteries

  • Mobile Phone Digital Batteries

  • Smart Hardware Batteries

  • EV Battery

  • Energy Service

  • UAV Battery

  • new energy battery

  • EV Battery

  • BESS Battery

  • Energy Storage System

  • Prismatic Cell

  • Cylindrical Cell

  • Battery Module 

  • Sound Dampening.

  • Heat Shielding.

  • Dust & Secondary Seals.

  • Embossed shielding material.

  • Vibration reduction materials.

  • Powertrain seals.

  • Gap fillers.

  • Electronic insulation.

  • Weather seals.

  • Aerogel insulation sheet     

  • Gas condensate insulation sheet     

  • Lithium battery heater     

  • Side plate hot pressing film   

  • Flexible Circuit boards 

  • Flexible PCBs 

  • FPC

  • FPC for camera

  • FPC for magnetic head

  • FPC for computer

  • FPC for motor

  • FPC for telephone

  • FPC for sensors

  • FPC for vehicle

  • FPC of various types

  • Heating sheet

  • Silicone heating sheet

  • PTC heating film

  • PI heating film 

  • Silicone heating film 

  • Graphene heating membrane 

  • FR4 (epoxy resin) 

  • Electric heating wire heating film

  • Silicone heating sheet

  • Silicone heating plate




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