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  • Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

  • Gaskets

  • Films  

  • Foams 

  • Foils

  • Papers

  • Optical grade film/optical film (brightening film,

    diffusion film, reflection film, polarizing film,

    brightening composite film, light guide film

    and other backlight/display optical grade film)

  • Functional films: IMD decorative film,

    graphite thermal conductivity film, insulating film,

    antistatic film, laser film, nano film, PC/PMMA and other functional film/sheet/plate;

  • Rubbers

  • Label Stocks

  • VHB

  • Specialty Materials

  • N95 masks and other folded masks

  • coil die cutting class: Foaming material;

  • Metal foil (copper, aluminum) materials;

  • Paper, fabric/non-woven fabric/mesh and

    other flexible coil/die-cut materials

  • Smart window film/heat insulation film/

    car film/dimming film and other glass films;

  • Energy film (photovoltaic film/battery diaphragm/

    water treatment film);Auxiliary materials (release materials) and related chemical products;





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