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Die-cut materials | Materials we use every day without knowing their names - thermal graphite sheets

With the development trend of ultra-thin, intelligent, and multifunctional consumer electronic products, the increase in product power while becoming thinner has brought about an increasing heat dissipation issue. Thermal graphite sheets are increasingly gaining attention due to their outstanding thermal conductivity, and they have a wide range of applications in fields such as smartphones, ultra-thin PCs, and LED TVs.


Due to its unique crystal orientation, thermal graphite sheets uniformly conduct heat along two directions (X-Y axis and Z axis). This layered structure can adapt well to the surface fluctuations of the processed devices. Its unique crystal structure and processing methods allow it to provide thermal isolation and shielding for heat sources and elements while uniformly conducting heat, greatly improving the performance of electronic products.

What is a thermal graphite sheet?

Thermal graphite sheet is a new type of heat conduction material that uniformly conducts heat along two directions and shields heat sources and elements, thereby enhancing the performance of consumer electronic products. With the upgrade of electronic products, there are increasingly higher requirements for heat dissipation management in terms of acceleration, miniaturization, high integration, and high performance of electronic devices.

This new natural graphite material has advantages such as high heat dissipation efficiency, small space occupation, and light weight. It is generally black in color. After fine processing, its thermal conductivity in the horizontal direction can reach up to 1500 W/M-K. It is commonly used in integrated circuits, CPUs, MOS, LEDs, heat sinks, LCD TVs, laptops, communication devices, wireless switches, DVDs, handheld devices, etc.


Classification of thermal graphite sheets

Graphite sheets can be classified into natural graphite sheets and artificial graphite sheets!

Natural graphite heat dissipation film has characteristics such as high thermal conductivity, easy construction, good flexibility, impermeability to gases and liquids, no aging or embrittlement of the graphite sheet, and is applicable to most chemical media. The general thermal conductivity coefficient ranges from 700 to 1200 W/m.k. The disadvantage of natural graphite sheets is that they cannot be too thin. The thinnest finished product typically has a thickness of 0.1 mm, so the market share of natural graphite is decreasing. Also, due to the structural factors of natural graphite itself, its heat dissipation effect is relatively weak.


Artificial graphite can be made very thin and has excellent heat dissipation effect, with a thermal conductivity coefficient of 1000-1500 W/m.K. Its main advantage lies in its fast heat dissipation speed, but the price of synthetic graphite is relatively high. In the mobile phone market, with the increasing pursuit of quality, synthetic graphite sheets are also favored.

Heat dissipation principle of graphite sheets:

A typical heat management system consists of an external cooling device, heatsink, and heat source, taking smartphones as an example:

1. Heat is quickly transferred to the housing and frame through the thermal graphite sheet.

2. The infrared radiation effect on the surface of the thermal graphite sheet is enhanced.

3. The thermal graphite sheet expands the surface area for heat dissipation, quickly dissipating the heat.

After a rough introduction, I believe everyone has a better understanding of die-cut materials - thermal graphite sheets. But how is this material processed? Since it is a die-cut material, it is generally processed using a die-cutting machine. A high-quality die-cutting machine can not only save manpower and resources but also improve production efficiency. Therefore, when choosing a processing machine, relevant manufacturers must choose high-quality die-cutting machines. Fumart round knife die-cutting machine, a veteran in the industry, provides you with the highest quality products.




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