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Die-Cutting Material | PVC Foam Material

PVC foam material is a common die-cutting material, also known as PVC closed-cell foam material or polyvinyl chloride foam. PVC foam material is made of polyvinyl chloride plastic as the main raw material, mixed with high temperature, foaming agent, additives, and other materials to form an independent closed-cell foam material.


On both sides of the adhesive tape, the foam sealant combines the closed-cell PVC foam substrate with the pressure-sensitive adhesive. The surface is smooth, the bubble structure is delicate, and the rebound after pressure is slow. It has excellent properties such as fine and uniform bubbles, strong and durable, thermal insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, good resilience, low water absorption, conductivity or antistatic, etc. In the window glass market, the performance of Sanhe foam makes it a good choice for glass applications.

Product Features

1. Closed-cell foam structure - excellent dustproof and moisture-proof performance

2. Excellent weather resistance, oxidation resistance, and UV resistance

3. Compatible with most glass components

4. Excellent for frequently moving glass joints

5. Good peel strength and initial adhesion

6. Good adhesion to different surfaces such as metal, plastic, paper, wood, and silicone

The surface shell is smooth, with a delicate touch and a slow rebound after pressure, hence the name slow-rebound PVC foam.


The closed-cell PVC foam has delicate and uniform cells, which are also strong and durable, with good thermal insulation and sound insulation effects. It also has excellent properties such as corrosion resistance, good resilience, low water absorption, conductivity or antistatic processing, and comfortable handling.

PVC foam is widely used in industries such as automobile and ship manufacturing, air conditioning and refrigeration, packaging, construction, engineering, agriculture, sports equipment, tape substrates, air conditioning insulation pipes, and electronics.

For example: gas mask, shock absorber pad, cushioning pad, automotive interior pad, sealing pad, damping plate, tape, glass cork pad, soundproof pad, etc.




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