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Die-cut material|Introduction to the scope and specific applications of thermal conductive graphite sheets


Due to carbon being a non-metallic element, but it possesses the electrical and thermal conductivity of metallic materials, and it has the plasticity similar to organic plastics, therefore, thin film polymer compounds can be obtained through chemical methods under high temperature and pressure. These compounds have special thermal properties, chemical stability, and good processability such as lubricity, it can be coated on solid surfaces, etc.

As a result, thermal conductive graphite has been widely used in electronics, communications, lighting, aviation, defense, military, and other fields. Graphite thermal conductive materials provide a unique, comprehensive, and high-performance solution for the thermal management industry.


Scope of application for thermal conductive graphite sheets:

Through a series of different thermal management solutions, thermal conductive graphite materials bring new technological solutions to the increasingly wide industrial heat dissipation field. Thermal conductive graphite material products provide innovative new technologies for the thermal management of the electronics industry. Thermal conductive graphite provides better heat conduction by reducing the weight of devices. Thermal conductive graphite heat dissipation solutions are a new thermal design application.

The surface of thermal conductive graphite can be combined with materials such as metals, plastics, adhesives, etc., to meet more design functions and requirements.

Low thermal resistance: Thermal resistance is 40% lower than aluminum and 20% lower than copper.

Lightweight: Weighing 25% less than aluminum and 75% less than copper.

High thermal conductivity: Graphite heat sink can smoothly adhere to any flat and curved surface, and can be cut into any shape according to customer needs.

Processing and Formation of Thermal Conductive Graphite Sheets

In order to better adapt to the uneven surfaces of electronic devices and circuit modules, thermal conductive graphite sheets must be processed to a certain extent. The main processing methods are as follows:

1. Back adhesive: Apply back adhesive to the surface of the thermal conductive graphite sheet for better bonding of integrated circuits and circuit boards.

2. Back film: In some circuit designs that require insulation or heat insulation, back film treatment is carried out on the surface of the graphite sheet to optimize functionality.

We can choose the appropriate processing method according to the actual needs of the product.


Application of thermal conductive graphite film in mobile phones


Application of thermal conductive graphite sheets in smartphones

The CPU speed of smartphones continues to increase, the memory capacity continues to expand, and the performance of the operating system continues to improve, which also gradually raises the requirements for heat dissipation in ultra-thin bodies. Currently, more and more smartphones in the domestic market use graphite sheets as thermal conductive materials, such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi, etc.




Application of thermal conductive graphite sheets in Apple smartphones

Due to the high precision requirements in the scenarios where thermal conductive graphite sheets are applied, such as the electronics, military, and communication industries, there are certain requirements for the precision of the thermal conductive graphite sheets and the equipment for heating materials. At this time, you need a high-quality rotary die-cutting machine with high precision and good quality. Let us introduce Fumart, which only produces high-quality rotary die-cutting machines.

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