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Custom Die Cutter for Electronics Mobile, Tablet, Smart-Watch, Digital equipment

electric eye tracking, one machine can produce two or three types materials, Suitable for protective film, single and double side adhesive, copper aluminum foil, foam, adhesive products and other materials die cutting processing.


Product Information

We offer OEM/ODM services on Medical and Cosmetic, Anti Dust Foams Meshes, Conductive Insulation Pads, Graphite Thermal Pads, Screen Frame Adhesives, UHFHF RFID Tags Labels, etc, for those factories whose temporary peaks in production need fulfilling and uncertainty about machine investment for in-house operation

Equipment Features:

Dual system: In addition to the normal completion of the complex product processing, but also according to the different needs of the knife block split, at the same time to complete the processing of two different products.

Multiple color chasing: For printing products, spacing products (synthetic graphite) and other products to effectively eliminate the cumulative error.

CCD On-line detection: The CCD high-speed camera is used to monitor the product size in real time, test the product size online, and identify the defective products.



Widely used in mobile computer field, liquid crystal display field, digital camera field, automobile field, lithium battery field, semiconductor field, medical equipment field.  FPC,Flex-circuit,-Battery,-Medical-and-Cosmetic,-Anti-Dust-Foams-Meshes,-Conductive-Insulation-Pads,-Graphite-Thermal-Pads,-Screen-Frame-Adhesives,-UHFHF-RFID-Tags-Labels.jpg 

We provide you with professional technology and solutions:  

Precision tin ball microwelding technology for three-dimensional welding of new camera module and micro motor;

3D curved glass hot bending technology with OLED curved surface design;

Mobile phone accessories automatic mounting technology to liberate manual work and ensure product accuracy and production efficiency;

Widely used in industrial positioning and guidance, appearance detection, high precision detection, image recognition and other fields of machine vision application technology;

Flat knife die cutting production line for die cutting products, such as punching, waste discharge, coating and slicing processes;

Intelligent round knife die cutting equipment with higher degree of automation provides lower labor cost, smaller footprint, and higher production efficiency;

Industrial robot solutions with automated flexible production;

【 FAQ 】

1: The working principle of the production process of the rotay die cutting machine?

Rotary die cutting is through the blade and roller extrusion material to achieve the purpose of die cutting, the roller is a smooth surface and hard cylindrical shaft, round knife processing is in a process to complete the composite and processing of multi-layer material die cutting method. At present, from the point of view of the tension control system of the multi-station round cutter, it is generally divided into two kinds: one is the automatic tension control program, through the pre-set program, the automatic calculation of the retracting and discharging shaft diameter, timely calculation of torque, so as to ensure the stability of tension. Automatic program tension control system is widely used in Europe and America. In the view of many operators, the program automatic tension control system advantages are very obvious, such as the material does not need to be wound many times; Reduce material scratch, deformation; Easy to operate, easy to upgrade procedures.

2: The adjustment method of the round knife die cutting machine??

It needs to be specially emphasized that the level of the auxiliary rod should be corrected, and the roller on the auxiliary rod should rotate smoothly. In the process of discharging material and removing paper, pay attention to the use of tension shaft as far as possible (including waste collection, except for products). In addition, I suggest that the use of curved rod should be avoided where straight rod can be used for this auxiliary rod.

1) Do not knock the edge when adjusting the gap of the edge to prevent the edge from cracking. Generally, adjust the lower tool position before adjusting the blade clearance. During the adjustment, loosen the fastening bolts on the blade base using a professional tool, move the blade base to the proper position, and then tighten the fastening bolts.

2) Adjust the upper tool in the same way as the lower tool. Adjust the upper tool to an appropriate gap according to the thickness of the cutting plate, and align the upper and lower press wheel with the tool. Adjust the position of each tool in turn.

3: What is the asynchronous function of circular die cutting machine?

The asynchronous compound circular cutter tool comprises a cutter seat, the cutter seat is provided with an optical axis, and the optical axis is provided with a tool and a groove shaft, the cutter seat is respectively provided with a 50 axis for feeding and waste discharge 30 axis for waste; After asynchronous composite circular tool asynchronous composite, can realize the composite of different semi-finished products, so that the production process from raw materials to finished products can be automated, with a high degree of automation instead of manual operation, can save a lot of labor, and reduce the secondary pollution of manual operation, improve the quality of products.