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Automatic Rotary Die Cutting Machine Negative Plate Electrode Production Line -for-LCD-equipment,-Electronic-Medical-Care

We offer OEM/ODM services on Medical and Cosmetic, Anti Dust Foams Meshes, Conductive Insulation Pads, Graphite Thermal Pads, Screen Frame Adhesives, UHFHF RFID Tags Labels, etc, for those factories whose temporary peaks in production need fulfilling and uncertainty about machine investment for in-house operation


Product Information

Our company produces multi-station high-precision round knife die cutting machine, which is suitable for the die cutting production of various kinds of glue and film in 3C industry, also suitable for the processing and production of plaster, band-aid, mask eye patch, electrode patch, and can also be customized according to your needs. In order to better serve you, in order to provide you with more suitable products for you, please be sure to tell us your needs truthfully and accurately, you are also welcome to visit the company or use the company's equipment factory and try the machine, remember to take your sample oh!


Equipment Features

  1. ALL cutter holder's movements are controlled by JAPAN Omron servomotor with enough torsion ,stable acceleration and deceleration, precision can be ±0.05--±0.1.

  2. All unwind & rewind shafts are driven separately by servo motors. The unwinding, rewinding, straight & reverse rotation are more flexible and controlled by high sensitivity tension sensor shaft's feedback to ensure smooth running.

  3. It can save more 200 kinds of SOP data, improve standard level, and reduce dependence on Operator's experience and reduce more than 60% material waste

  4. Main unwind EPC system can stabilize the material feeding into blade holder

  5. Movable auxiliary unwind shaft


Modular customization

Parameters in the following can be combined to meet various production requirements

Number of working stations:  2-- 32 work stations

Material width:  250---1000mm

Rewinding and Unwinding rollers No.: 1-- 64 sets

Correction System No.: 0-5 sets

Tracing System No.: 0-32 sets

Visual No.: 0-- 32 sets

Heat sealing device: 0-- 5 sets

Robotic hand: 0-- 3 sets

Injet printer: 0-- 3 sets

Drip: 0-- 3 sets

Fastening device gluing device: 0-- 4 sets

Adhesive device:   0-- 3 sets


Multi - station round knife die - cutting machine is high efficiency, high precision processing equipment. Equipment is widely used in mobile phones, digital cameras, computers and other electronic adhesive accessories die cutting. It has the advantages of multi-layer composite, multi-die cutting, waste discharge, multi-group winding and discharging simultaneously, advanced technology, reasonable process, compact structure, flexible and convenient operation, and high production efficiency. Strong ability to adapt to the process of different products, die cutting quality and production efficiency is far higher than other die cutting, die cutting products to improve production capacity, reduce the production cost of the ideal choice. In order to adapt to different specifications of die cutting products, according to the requirements of die cutting manufacturers tailored die cutting equipment.