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Analysis of graphite sheet protective film features and uses!


Graphene protective films are gaining significant attention due to their unique characteristics and versatile applications. These films, composed of a single layer of graphene, offer exceptional properties that make them highly desirable for various industries.

One distinct feature of graphene protective films is their incredible strength and durability. Graphene, being the thinnest and strongest material known, provides excellent resistance against scratches, impacts, and wear. It forms a reliable barrier, ensuring the protection of underlying surfaces from physical damage.

Moreover, graphene films possess exceptional chemical resistance. They are impermeable to most gases and liquids, making them highly effective as a barrier against moisture, chemicals, and corrosive substances. This property makes graphene protective films suitable for applications where protection against chemical exposure or environmental degradation is required.

Graphene films also exhibit excellent thermal conductivity. They can efficiently dissipate heat, making them ideal for heat management applications. By applying these films on electronic devices or heat-sensitive components, thermal energy can be efficiently transferred away, preventing overheating and potential damage.

Furthermore, the transparency of graphene films is noteworthy. They possess high optical transparency, allowing light to pass through without significant distortion. This property makes graphene protective films suitable for applications requiring transparent protection, such as touchscreens, display panels, and windows.

The versatility of graphene protective films extends to various industries. In electronics, they can be used for coating smartphone screens, camera lenses, and flexible displays, providing scratch resistance and enhancing durability. In automotive applications, graphene films can protect car body surfaces from scratches and chemical damage. They can also be integrated into windows to improve shatter resistance.

Additionally, graphene protective films find applications in aerospace, where they can protect surfaces against space debris and extreme temperatures. They can be used in the construction industry to enhance the durability and longevity of building materials. Moreover, in healthcare, graphene films can be utilized for antimicrobial coatings, medical device protection, and drug delivery systems.

Graphene protective films offer exceptional strength, chemical resistance, thermal conductivity, and transparency. These properties make them invaluable for various industries, including electronics, automotive, aerospace, construction, and healthcare. As research and development continue, graphene films hold promising potential for further advancements in protective coatings and materials.


Graphite sheet protective film features

1, graphite sheet protective film has good heat resistance, better flatness to improve the efficiency of customer use process, according to customer requirements for segmentation, edge without burr.

2, the product model with good heat resistance can be used for temporary fixing, shielding and film parts protection and transportation in the heating process.

3, can be processed into other products to provide.

4, adhesive in addition to propylene, can also be selected according to the use of heat-resistant silicon and so on. Adhesive SUS plate 2kg drum b1 round trip 5mm/second. The stripping Angle of the tape is 180° and the stripping speed is 30mm/ min.

Graphite sheet protective film series for heat dissipation graphite sheet after rolling, die cutting process and delivery protection.

Thousand-grade dust-free environment production, high cleanliness of products

The stripping force is stable and the low viscosity range is controlled accurately

It has stable and excellent bonding properties for a variety of graphite sheets

Scope of use

Mainly used in QFNPACKAGE process, EMC resin seal, PCB, FPC circuit board gold-plated protection and wave soldering fixing.

Carrier: Supports thin layers of materials and protects them during transport.

Temporary fixation: Used for temporary fixation in high-temperature production processes.

Masking: Masking in packaging production processes, etc.

Surface protection: Protect CCD glass.

Isolation: Prevent resin leakage during semiconductor packaging and forming of electronic components.

Product application

1. Apply protective film

After extrusion, graphite is easy to break. PET silicone transfer film back and graphite back, play a transport, transport, rewinding process bearing role

2. Die cutting process protective film

Used for graphite sheet die-cutting and waste discharge, the precise viscosity control of the protective film can reduce the risk of adverse phenomena of graphite sheet carried by waste discharge process.

3. Shipping protective film

Shipping protective film for graphite shipping and transportation protection, fitted with ultra-thin single-sided adhesive backing.

With excellent optical properties, graphite surfaces can be inspected without stripping.

● Signal shielding: Signal shielding of mobile phones, computers, navigators and other electronic devices with communication functions

● Anti-electromagnetic interference: mobile phones, television and other communication equipment and printers, scanners and other electronic equipment to prevent signal interference

● Heat conduction and heat dissipation: All electronic and electrical equipment such as mobile phones, computers, televisions need heat conduction and heat dissipation

Protection of graphene heat sink during die cutting process: such as satellite circuit heat dissipation, LED lighting heat dissipation, mobile phone/computer components heat dissipation, medical equipment heat dissipation, laser application heat dissipation

Protection of lithium battery in the process of die cutting: such as new energy vehicles, small household appliances, computer mobile phone electronic products, air lights and other products

In the process of die cutting, it is used to protect various electronic and electrical components: such as mobile phone screens, liquid crystal displays, computers.



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