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What are the steps to adjust the die cutting pressure of the automatic die cutting machine?

Adjusting the die cutting pressure is an important step in the molding quality of the carton. The die cutting pressure is too small, the steel knife can not cut the cardboard, the paper box can not be formed. If the die cutting pressure is too large, and even the deep knife marks are cut on the platform, the die cutting knife will soon become dull, affecting the service life of the die cutting plate. Therefore, robustness may require repeated adjustment of die cutting pressure, affecting production efficiency. So what are the steps to adjust the die-cutting pressure of the automatic die-cutting machine? Can you ensure the quality of the carton and improve production efficiency?

Steps to adjust the die-cutting pressure of a fully automatic die-cutting machine are as follows:

1. Prepare a stack of cardboard slightly smaller than the size of the lower platform (recommended weight between 200-300g/m2). Use cardboard with uniform thickness, tight structure, and firm texture to minimize plastic deformation under high pressure.

2. Install the cutting die. Clean any debris from the back of the steel blades or wires, as irregularities can cause localized excessive pressure during die-cutting.

3. After installing the cutting die, apply a piece of "pressure adjustment cardboard" against the right edge of the die-cutting machine and align it with the positioning edge and right edge of the lower platform. Secure the pressure adjustment cardboard with adhesive tape. Adjust the pressure by lightly activating the machine to create cuts on the pressure adjustment cardboard. Precision isn't critical at this stage; the goal is to avoid cutting through the adjustment cardboard while ensuring visible knife marks. Afterward, adjust the die-cutting pressure locally based on these knife marks. Remove the pressure adjustment cardboard from the lower platform and tape it onto the upper plate. Align the knife marks on the pressure adjustment cardboard with the position of the steel blades on the die-cutting plate beneath it. The alignment should match the marks on the upper plate for easy reference when additional pressure adjustments are needed.

4. Install the creasing rule.

5. Consider factors such as the total length of the cutting blades and wires, thickness and hardness of the cardboard to be die-cut, and hardness and area of the rubber pad. Set an approximate pressure value and adjust the pressure mechanism to the appropriate scale.

6. Test the pressure by feeding the first sheet to be die-cut. Check the results and perform any necessary pressure calibration. Pressure calibration includes both overall and localized adjustments. Adjust the overall pressure using the pressure mechanism. For new machines, aim to cut off 70%-80% of the cutting lines. However, as die-cutting machines age, pressure distribution becomes uneven, requiring additional localized adjustments to compensate for inadequate pressure in specific areas.

For localized pressure adjustments, paste appropriate thickness paper at corresponding positions on the pressure adjustment cardboard attached to the upper plate. If the pressure distribution is severely uneven, paste paper with the appropriate thickness in specific areas. If a specific cutting line is not being severed, paste a correcting strip at the corresponding position. Depending on the degree of insufficient pressure, choose a correcting strip with the appropriate thickness. Through repeated testing and adjustments, supplement the local pressure on the adjustment cardboard to achieve the necessary die-cutting and creasing results with minimal pressure.

When adjusting the die-cutting pressure of a fully automatic die-cutting machine, always follow these steps to ensure accurate pressure, maintain production efficiency and quality, and prolong the lifespan of the cutting die.



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