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Double-sided adhesive for die-cutting materials of all categories with high temperature resistance

Double-sided adhesive for die-cutting materials is a versatile solution that enhances efficiency and streamlines production processes. This specialized adhesive offers a wide range of benefits, such as maximizing adhesion performance and achieving seamless bonds.


When it comes to precision and accuracy, double-sided adhesive plays a crucial role in ensuring that die-cutting materials are securely bonded. Its strong adhesive properties enable seamless and durable bonds, guaranteeing optimal results with every use.

One of the key advantages of double-sided adhesive is its versatility. It can be used with various die-cutting materials, including paper, cardboard, foam, fabric, and even metal. This adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from packaging and labeling to automotive and electronic industries.

By choosing the right double-sided adhesive for die-cutting materials, manufacturers can optimize their production processes and improve overall efficiency. The adhesive's ability to adhere to different surfaces and withstand various environmental factors ensures that die-cut components remain intact and durable throughout their lifespan.

In summary, double-sided adhesive for die-cutting materials is a valuable tool in the manufacturing industry. Its high-quality bonding capabilities, versatility, and ability to streamline processes make it an essential component for precise and efficient die-cutting applications.

The die-cutting materials processed by the round knife die-cutting machine are not just one type, they can be divided into many types: non-woven fabric-based double-sided adhesive, substrate-free double-sided adhesive, PET-based double-sided adhesive, foam-based double-sided adhesive, hot melt adhesive film, etc. Different types of die-cutting materials have different uses, so they are adapted to different environmental temperatures. Therefore, in order to achieve the best performance, the selection of double-sided adhesive should be targeted.

There are two types of double-sided adhesive: without substrate tape and with bottom substrate tape. The adhesive without substrate is directly coated on the release paper, generally thin, highly extensible and flexible, and is easy to stick back and deform during die-cutting. The substrate of the double-sided adhesive tape is a layer of polyester film, cotton paper, or non-woven fabric with double-sided adhesive coating.

PET-based products are easier to process, while cotton paper and non-woven fabric-based materials are more difficult to process. The edges of this type of double-sided adhesive tape are prone to fuzziness, deformation, and poor elasticity.

Double-sided adhesive has the characteristics of strong adhesion, easy control of the lower surface, easy tearing, aging resistance, high tensile strength, convenient use, high peel strength of hot melt adhesive, environmental friendliness, and low cost. Applications: used in daily packaging, paper bonding, lightweight furniture film, advertising production, electronics, automotive, clothing, shoes, computers, embroidery, and other industries for film sticking and nameplate fixation.

Double-sided adhesive tape consists of a substrate and an adhesive. If high temperature resistance is required, both the substrate and adhesive should be able to withstand high temperature. In principle, the molecular structure of high-temperature resistant materials is relatively stable during heating, thus they can withstand high temperatures. Ordinary silicone adhesive or modified silicone adhesive can also be used for dilution if the temperature requirement is not too high.

Introduction to various types of double-sided adhesive with high temperature resistance:

Non-woven fabric-based double-sided adhesive


Good viscosity and processability, generally long-term temperature resistance of 70-80°C, short-term temperature resistance of 100-120°C, thickness of 0.08-0.15mm, suitable for nameplates, plastics, etc. lamination, automotive, mobile phones, electronics, sponges, rubbers, labels, papers, toys, and other industries.

Substrate-free double-sided adhesive


Good bonding effect, anti-peeling, good water resistance, good processability and temperature resistance, short-term temperature resistance of 204-230°C, long-term temperature resistance of 120-145°C, suitable for bonding parts of nameplates, panels, and decorations.

PET-based double-sided adhesive


PET double-sided adhesive has good temperature resistance and strong shear resistance, generally long-term temperature resistance of 100-125°C, short-term temperature resistance of 150-200°C, suitable for bonding nameplates, LCD, decorations, decorative parts.

Foam-based double-sided adhesive


Foam-based double-sided adhesive has good flexibility, adhesion, initial tack and holding properties, solvent and UV resistance, short-term temperature resistance of 130-150°C, long-term temperature resistance of 80-93°C, suitable for bonding air conditioners, office furniture, and communication products, convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

Hot melt adhesive film


The hot melt adhesive film has good viscosity, uniform thickness, solvent-free, easy processing, and good adhesion to many objects. The thickness is 0.1mm, the color is translucent/amber, and the hot melt softening temperature is 116-123°C. It is suitable for bonding nameplates, plastics, and hardware.

This concludes the introduction to double-sided adhesive for die-cutting materials processed by the round knife die-cutting machine. If you want to learn more about high-quality round knife die-cutting machines or die-cutting materials, please follow industryprocess.com, a senior company that has been specializing in the field of round knife die-cutting machines for many years.



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