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Mobile Phone Dust Screen Die-cutting Process

Mobile phones are prone to dust accumulation, making it difficult to clean. So how do we prevent dust? In the following article, we will analyze the die-cutting process for mobile phone dust screens.

Mobile Phone Dust Screen Die-cutting Process

Maximizing the use of automated production is crucial for mobile phone dust screen production due to its low profitability. Here is a common process for die-cutting dust screens:

1) Transfer paper passes through a dual-seat bonding machine. In the first step, double-sided adhesive is applied on the left side, and the release paper for the double-sided adhesive is simultaneously removed on the right side. In the second step, foam is applied on the right side.

2) The transfer paper, now with adhesive and foam, goes through a single-seat die-cutting machine equipped with metallic molds. It punches dotted lines on both sides and positioning holes (four columns) in the dust screen.

3) Using a dual-seat bonding machine again, in the first step, waste release paper from the left side is removed. In the second step, non-woven fabric is applied on the left side.

4) The product passes through a folding machine with the left side on top, removing the release paper on the right side of the foam (which already has adhesive) and bonding the left and right sides together.

5) Another round on the dual-seat bonding machine to remove the top release paper (which has perforations) and reapply a layer of release paper.

6) Using a series of machines, the outer frame of the dust screen is punched and cut with small hole positioning.

7) The product goes through the dual-seat bonding machine again for waste removal.

8) Finally, the product is sliced by a cutting machine.

Summary: The synchronicity and alignment of the dust screen, as well as its concentricity, the 7-layer structure, variable hole sizes, and the use of non-mirror blades are challenging aspects of dust screen production.



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