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Die-cut Materials | Commonly Used Thermal Conductive Materials in Electronic Products

Thermal conductive materials are a new type of industrial material. In recent years, these materials have been designed to meet the thermal conductivity requirements of devices and have outstanding performance and reliability. They are suitable for various environments and requirements, have appropriate solutions for potential thermal conductivity issues, and provide strong assistance for highly integrated, ultra-small, and ultra-thin devices. Thermal conductive products have been increasingly used in many products, improving product reliability.


Main Types

Graphene, thermal conductive graphene preparation equipment, thermal conductivity coefficient tester, heating element thermal conductive silicone film, insulation material, thermal interface material, thermal conductive silicon cloth, thermal conductive adhesive tape, heat dissipation film, thermal conductive film, etc.

Although thermal conductive materials exist as accessories in electronic products, they successfully solve the heat dissipation problems. Therefore, they greatly improve the reliability, stability, and service life of electronic products, becoming an indispensable part of electronic products.

Why Use Thermal Conductive Materials in Electronic Products?

1. There is a very small uneven gap between the surface of microelectronic materials and heat sinks. If they are directly installed together, the actual contact area between them is only 10% of the heat sink base area, and the rest is an air gap. Since the thermal conductivity of air is only 0.024W/m·K, it is a poor thermal conductor, which will result in a significant thermal contact resistance between electronic components and heat sinks, seriously hindering the conduction of heat in electronic components, and ultimately leading to low heat dissipation efficiency of heat sinks.

2. Using thermal conductive materials with high thermal conductivity to fill these gaps and eliminate the air inside, an effective thermal conduction path can be established between electronic components and heat sinks, greatly increasing the effective contact area between heat sources and heat sinks, reducing contact resistance, and allowing heat sinks to fully play their role.

What are the commonly used thermal conductive materials in electronic products?


1. Thermal conductive silicone film

Thermal conductive silicon films are used to fill the gaps between heating elements and heat sinks or metal bases. Their flexibility and elasticity make them suitable for covering very uneven surfaces. Heat is conducted from individual devices or the entire PCB to the metal casing or heat spreader, thus improving the efficiency and service life of heating electronic components.

2. Thermal conductive grease


Thermal conductive grease is a paste-like high-efficiency heat dissipation product. It is filled between electronic components and heat sinks. It can completely wet the contact surface, creating a very low thermal resistance interface. The heat dissipation efficiency is better than many other types of heat dissipation products.

3. Thermal conductive insulation materials

Thermal conductive insulation materials have insulation properties and also have thermal conductivity. Insulating silicone resin base material is added to thermal conductive materials to achieve insulation and thermal conductivity.

4. Thermal conductive double-sided adhesive tape

Thermal conductive double-sided adhesive tapes are widely used in bonding heat sinks to microprocessors, new energy lithium battery packs, and other power-consuming semiconductors. These tapes have strong adhesive strength and low heat resistance, effectively replacing greases and mechanical fixes.

After listening to the introduction, I believe you have gained relevant knowledge about thermal conductive materials used in electronic products. Due to the large consumption of electronic products in recent years, there is a high demand for thermal conductive materials. To produce high-quality thermal conductive materials, you need a high-quality die-cutting machine. Fumart's circular knife die-cutting machine has been deeply cultivating in the die-cutting industry for many years and is your best choice.



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