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An In-Depth Explanation of Main Adhesive Points for Mobile Phone Adhesives

Mobile phone adhesive plays a crucial role in providing secure bonding and stability to various components of a smartphone. This adhesive technology ensures that delicate parts, such as the screen, battery, and internal circuitry, remain firmly in place, even through continuous use and handling.


Manufacturers utilize a range of adhesive materials and techniques to address different requirements. For instance, high-strength adhesives are employed to keep the phone's components tightly bonded and resistant to external forces. These adhesives are carefully selected to withstand temperature variations, shocks, and vibrations, ensuring the durability of the device.

In smartphone repair and maintenance, adhesive solutions are essential. Repair technicians rely on specialized adhesive tapes, films, and glues to address specific issues. Double-sided adhesive tapes are commonly used for attaching screens, providing a reliable and invisible bond. Liquid adhesives are carefully applied during battery replacements, allowing for secure attachment without the risk of damage.

With advancements in adhesive technology, manufacturers are now focusing on developing water-resistant and flexible adhesives. Water-resistant adhesives prevent moisture seepage into the internal components, safeguarding the phone's functionality. Flexible adhesives, on the other hand, are designed to accommodate the bending and flexing of modern smartphone screens, reducing the risk of cracks or detachment.

In addition to functionality, adhesive materials are also chosen for their eco-friendliness. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) adhesives contribute to a greener production process, reducing the impact on the environment.


With the continuous development of technology, mobile phone designs and manufacturing are increasingly pursuing ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight, and three-dimensional aesthetics. Ultra-thin, touchscreen, and smartphones have become the latest consumer favorites. In order to achieve a seamless and flat appearance, an increasing number of adhesives are used in the assembly process of mobile phones to bond and assemble components.

I. Main adhesive points for mobile phone adhesives:

1. Mainboard adhesives: Mainboard adhesives for mobile phones include chip bonding, encapsulation, heat dissipation, battery bonding, etc. The main components are epoxy resin adhesives, thermal conductive and conductive adhesives, organic silicon adhesives, spot welding adhesives, UV adhesives, acrylic adhesives, etc.

2. Shell adhesives: Shell adhesives for mobile phones include polyurethane hot melt adhesives, acrylic resin adhesives, and active hot melt adhesives.

3. Screen and frame adhesives: Polyurethane hot melt adhesives, UV adhesives, reactive hot melt adhesives, acrylic adhesives, high-temperature-resistant adhesives.

4. Logo adhesives: Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesives, organic silicon adhesives, self-adhesive adhesives, acrylic resin adhesives.

5. Adhesives for fixing mobile phone camera (used for bonding camera lens and base): UV adhesives, OCA optical adhesives.

6. Adhesives for side buttons on mobile phones (volume buttons, power buttons): UV adhesives, fast-drying adhesives.

7. Adhesion of FPC antenna to the chassis (bonding of mobile phone antenna to the shell): self-adhesive, UV adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives.

8. Adhesives for camera module (between the support and FPC on the camera module, bending area of FPC): UV adhesives, fast-curing adhesives, epoxy adhesives, organic silicon adhesives.

9. Adhesives for acoustic cavity cover (adhesive for acoustic cavity cover in mobile phones): UV adhesives, instant adhesives, hot melt adhesives, epoxy resin adhesives, organic silicon adhesives.

10. Adhesives for motor connection (used to fix mobile phone vibration motor): acrylic resin adhesives, epoxy resin adhesives.


II. Introduction to several types of adhesives:

UV adhesive: There are various types available. They dry quickly under ultraviolet light, have fast deep-curing speed, are compatible with a wide range of materials, have high bonding strength, and can be used for coating protection on circuit boards. They are suitable for automated operations, greatly improving efficiency.

PUR reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive: A single-component solvent-free hot melt structural adhesive with high bonding strength, good heat resistance and solvent resistance, good wear resistance and water resistance. It is suitable for bonding various plastics and electronic fields.

Instant adhesive: A single-component, high-strength cyanoacrylate adhesive that has good adhesion to various substrates. It has a very fast curing speed, can cure under harsh conditions, can complete the bonding process quickly, and has good adhesion to some difficult-to-bond materials.

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