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OCA optical glue production process operation specification

OCA is a special adhesive used for bonding transparent optical components (such as lenses, etc.). It is generally processed by a circular blade cutting machine. OCA optical glue requires colorlessness and transparency, with a light transmittance greater than 90%, good adhesive strength, and can cure at room temperature or moderate temperature. In short, OCA is a layer of special double-sided adhesive with optical transparency.


01. Operating procedures before OCA optical glue die-cutting machine

1. Check the transfer record and understand the operation of the equipment.

2. According to the production plan and the requirements of the production construction order, check the quantity and quality of the mold cutting.

3. Check and adjust the machine thoroughly and make sure that there are no foreign objects on the machine.

02. Operating procedures before die-cutting OCA optical glue

1. Check if the mold cutting is the same as the sample.

2. Check whether there is any opening in the product.

3. Select the basic template material according to the product quantity, paper type, and carton structure.

4. Install the die-cutting plate and lock the fastening screw to prevent the die-cutting plate from loosening. When making the bottom die, the thickness of the bottom die is the same as the thickness of the product paper.

5. Install the bottom template, clean the surface debris and lock it.

6. Adjust the die-cutting pressure according to the thickness of the paper. Increase the pressure slowly from light to heavy until 80%, otherwise it will cause equipment damage.

7. Adjust the position of the up and down top pins of the paper release part and lock them.

8. After adjusting each part, request to produce samples according to the sample. There should be no quality problems in the inspection. After the supervisor signs, normal production can proceed.


03. OCA optical glue die-cut production operation procedures

1. Produce according to the construction order and signing standards.

2. During the production process, sample inspection should be conducted every 5-10 minutes. Any quality problems should be reflected timely and resolved after production.

3. After each version of die-cutting, a comprehensive inspection must be conducted and the "die-cutting process table" must be filled out. If there are any quality problems, the products should be placed separately and the "abnormal product process table" must be filled out.

4. If any material problem is found, production should stop, and the "production materials quality feedback table" should be filled out. The relevant department should coordinate and solve the problem to prepare for subsequent production.

04. Operating specifications after die-cutting OCA optical glue

1. The machine operator should fill out the "die-cutting daily report", "process quality status statistics table", and "production equipment daily inspection table" every day.

2. Separate the die-cut products according to qualified and defective products and mark them.

3. Stop the equipment at the mold opening when production is finished.

4. Maintenance of the equipment according to daily maintenance content.

5. Carefully fill out the transfer record.

6. Turn off the power.

05. Packaging

Strictly select the products that have been hand-picked according to the shipment inspection standards, and use anti-static packaging bags for packaging. Specification: 50 Pcs/pack, 200 PCS/box. When inspecting the bag by hand, wear rubber gloves and a mask. Clean the surface of any foreign objects during packaging. Use a plastic absorption box or other forms of PET box for external packaging, which can bear a certain external pressure and avoid OCA optical glue extrusion causing poor indentations.



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