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Die-cutting Material | Rogers Foam for Various Applications

Rogers foam is a type of high-performance foam that is suitable for use in automobiles, electronic products, refrigerators, and air conditioning units. It is also applicable for external coatings, processing, customizing, and stamping related products. It can tolerate temperatures as high as 150°C and as low as -40°C. In electronics parts' die-cutting, it also serves an irreplaceable role. Today, we will fully understand Rogers foam along with you.


I. Characteristics of Rogers foam:

1. Specifications: 0.79mm, 1.57mm, 1.14mm, 2.36mm, 6.35mm, 12.7mm, 4.78mm, 9.53mm, 0.53mm, length and width can be produced according to specific requirements.

2. Colors: Black and gray.

3. Adhesion: High adhesion, high support, heat resistance and chemical resistance. Different thicknesses of adhesive. The second layer uses silicone rubber; used for converters, mini keyboards, electronic components.

4. Wear-resistant, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, cushioning, sound-absorbing, shock-absorbing, sealing; such as excellent compressive deformation resistance, super-high resilience, impact resistance, elastic durability, etc. It has been widely used in vibration prevention of various types of precision products.

II. Main applications:

1. Panel sandwich: No pollution, prevent loosening, prevent impact noise, prevent adhesion.

2. Around the LED: prevent light leakage, absorb vibration and increase airtightness.

3. PCB's lower edge: absorb vibration, absorb shock, fill gaps, and insulate.


4. Keyboard pads: rebound, no pollution, good dimensional stability.

5. Around the battery: no pollution, absorb impact noise, improve airtightness.

6. Foot pads: Good friction, no pollution, good dimensional stability.

7. Rear pad of the disk drive: absorb vibration, prevent impact noise, and increase airtightness.

8. Friction pad: good friction, no pollution, good dimensional stability.

9. Soft cushion for disk cover: absorb vibration, block motor noise, shock-proof, and increase airtightness.

10. Around the speaker: prevent noise and fill gaps.

11. Around the LCD: dustproof, absorb vibration, fill gaps, and improve shadows.


● Applications in the automotive industry:

1. High-level brake lights: waterproof and shading.

2. LED and control panel pads: padding.

3. Rearview camera and signal light flashing: waterproof, dust-proof, and sealing pads.

4. Reverse camera: waterproof, dustproof, and sealing.

5. Gear shift handle: cushioning.

6. Battery pack: environmental sealing / spacing.

● Applications in power batteries:


1. Multiple thickness options.

2. Excellent thermal conductivity.

3. Good compressive performance and elasticity.

4. Flame retardants meet UL94-V0.

5. Compliant with standards.

● Applications on high-speed trains:

Supply air system seals, display pads, lighting cabinet sealing pads, HVAC sealing pads, sound insulation, elevated sealing pads, door sealing pads, windshield and through-seal pads, seams, seat foam, fire resistance, electrical cabinet sealing pads, floating floor materials.

After seeing so many applications, are you impressed by Rogers foam for die-cutting materials? In fact, due to its performance, it is widely used in various fields. Of course, good materials require high-quality die-cutting machines. Bulls Eye Die-Cutting Machine, a veteran in the industry, offers you the best quality products.



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