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New Energy Die-cutting and Forming Automation Solution

With the development of the times, electronic products are constantly innovating and becoming more diversified. With the gradual penetration of applications such as large-screen TVs, large-screen smartphones, new energy, and smart homes, there has been a certain trend for large-sized and large-tonnage die-cutting products.


[1] New Energy Industry: For example, mica sheets, insulation, packaging, and other components used in new energy vehicle power battery modules, as well as solar energy protective films and solar energy protective boards.

[2] Automotive Accessories Industry: Various interior and exterior decorations and components in automobiles require a lot of die-cutting tapes for fixation and assistance. For example, 3M double-sided tape can be die-cut into various different uses. Additionally, in the transportation and rail industry, there is a need for waterproofing and shock resistance.

[3] 3C Electronics Industry: The fixation of some internal parts in smartphones, tablets, digital devices, and other fields involves a lot of die-cutting products. Whether it is double-sided tape, foam tape, or acrylic adhesive, they can be die-cut and customized. There is a huge demand in the industrial and electronic sectors, such as protective films, screens, dust protection for cameras and microphones, and battery labels.

[4] Medical and Health Industry: Die-cutting products are used in various medical devices, such as medical masks and protective clothing. For example, double-sided adhesive for protective clothing.



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