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Adhesive Tape Solutions for the Lithium Battery Industry

In recent years, with the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, the development of adhesive materials has been stimulated. According to research by relevant organizations, approximately 5 million new energy vehicles are sold each year, with lithium batteries accounting for the vast majority. In this booming industry, the use of adhesive tapes is also essential. Due to the different designs of various car manufacturers, it is difficult to accurately estimate the usage. However, based on a rough estimation, the average usage on battery packs alone can reach around 5 to 6 square meters. Let's learn more about these adhesive tapes.

【1】High-temperature adhesive tape

Made of PI film or brown PET film, typically coated with high-performance acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. Used for high-temperature fixation and bonding of lithium battery casings, as well as for insulation protection of internal electrodes and external tabs of battery cells.

【2】Termination tape

Coated with acrylic ester or rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive on PET (polyester) or PP (polypropylene) film. Additionally, for easy tracking and traceability on the production line, termination tape can be made into digital tape, where Arabic numerals are first printed on the film substrate before applying the pressure-sensitive adhesive.

【3】Blue film tape

Consists of a double-layer PET substrate coated with an acrylic adhesive layer. Provides appearance protection and insulation in pack assembly. It possesses excellent electrical and mechanical properties while maintaining stability and good adhesion. The flexible double-layer composite substrate ensures no curling or residue during bending and attachment, and also gives the product vibrant colors similar to printing.

【4】Process protection film

The protection film is made by corona treatment on transparent PET or BOPP film and then coated with specialized pressure-sensitive adhesive of different colors. It is processed through hot air baking. It has good light transmittance, excellent stiffness, easy die-cutting, and leaves no residue. It protects the appearance of the battery cell during assembly.

【5】Flame-retardant double-sided tape

Mainly used for bonding components such as foam.

【6】Side panel hot-pressing insulation film

A single-sided hot-melt adhesive tape that is hot-pressed on the inner side of the battery pack to insulate the battery from the housing.

【7】Thermal interface materials, such as thermal pads

Thermal pads are used to fill the air gaps between the heat-generating device and the heat sink or metal base. Their flexible and elastic characteristics make them suitable for covering uneven surfaces. They conduct heat from the separated device or entire PCB to the metal casing or heat spreader, thus improving the efficiency and lifespan of heat-generating electronic components.

【8】Expansion tape

Made of OPS (Oriented Polystyrene Films) resin film as the substrate, coated with anti-electrolyte pressure-sensitive adhesive. When the battery cell is enclosed in the casing and exposed to high temperature and electrolyte environment, the film expands by about 150-200%, filling the gap between the internal battery cell and the outer casing to prevent vibration. It is mainly used in the electric tool industry where vibration is present.

【9】Aluminum-plastic film

A type of adhesive film used as the core material for soft-pack batteries.



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