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FMT250-12B Automatic Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Mode: FMT250-12B
Stations: 12 Stations / 24 Spindles
Width range: 150/250/350/550/650mm
Max speed: 70m/min
Cutting precision: ±0.1mm
Dimension: 5200*1420*2350
Weight: 6T
Certification: CE & ISO


FMT250-12B Automatic High Efficiency rotary die cutting machine for Anti-Dust Foams Meshes Cutting Laminating Packaging Printing Compound Machinery China Manufacture 

Fumart automatic high efficiency rotary die cutting machine plays an important role in foam production. It can quickly and accurately cut foam materials into the desired shapes and sizes for making various foam products. By adjusting the cutting die, setting the cutting pressure, and controlling the cutting speed, the round blade cutting machine can effectively cut foam materials of various thicknesses. It not only improves production efficiency but also ensures cutting accuracy and quality, making the foam products more in line with product requirements. The round blade cutting machine is widely used in foam production and is an important tool for improving production efficiency and product quality. 


·       ALL cutter holder's movements are controlled by JAPAN Omron servomotor with enough torsion, stable acceleration and deceleration, precision can be ±0.05--±0.1.

·       All unwind & rewind shafts are driven separately by servo motors. The unwinding, rewinding, straight & reverse rotation are more flexible and controlled by high sensitivity tension sensor shaft's feedback to ensure smooth running.

·       It can save more 200 kinds of SOP data, improve standard level, and reduce dependence on Operator's experience and reduce more than 60% material waste

·       Main unwind EPC system can stabilize the material feeding into blade holder

·       Movable auxiliary unwind shaft

·       Fracturing detecting machine stop or alarming to reduce material waste.

·       Machine has the function of asynchronous laminating which can save material.

·       Color code electric eye tracking system can meet the demand of position precision of produce printing product.

·       The main operation interface adopts touch panel, with picture display for easy operation. Keyboard, mouse and hand touch are all available.

·       CCD testing system can test position precision all the time during the whole process and then feedback to PLC which send orders to servo motors to adjust position.

·       The round knife cutting machine, due to its modular design, can be used in multiple fields with just the change of molds or accessories, greatly improving its flexibility and diverse application scenarios. It can be used for die-cutting of insulating materials to meet the insulation needs of electronic products; it can also be used for die-cutting of foam materials, providing convenience for the production of foam products. Additionally, the round knife cutting machine can also be used for die-cutting of label stickers, providing personalized identification for various products. It can also be used to make adhesive protective molds for protecting products from collision and damage. Furthermore, it can even be used for die-cutting of medical auxiliary materials to meet the special requirements of the medical equipment field. Due to its diverse functions, the round knife cutting machine has a wide range of applications in various industries and provides convenience and efficiency improvement for different industries' production and processing.

Production and QC Process:



§  Engineers be dispatch to customers place for training and debugging

§  One-year free warranty (except consumables), life paid maintenance and overseas service


Using a rotary die-cutting machine in the production of Anti-Dust Foams Meshes offers several advantages:

1. Precise and accurate cutting: The rotary die-cutting machine uses a rotating circular blade to cut through the foam material with high precision and accuracy. This ensures that the Anti-Dust Foams Meshes are cut to the desired shape and size consistently, resulting in a high-quality finished product.

2. Increased production speed: The rotary die-cutting machine is designed for high-speed production, allowing for faster and more efficient cutting of Anti-Dust Foams Meshes. This significantly increases the production output and reduces lead times, enabling manufacturers to meet customer demands more effectively.

3. Versatility: The rotary die-cutting machine can accommodate various foam materials, including different thicknesses and densities. This versatility allows for the production of Anti-Dust Foams Meshes to meet specific requirements and applications. The machine can also be easily adjusted and retooled for different cutting patterns or shapes, providing flexibility in production.

4. Cost-effective: By automating the cutting process, the rotary die-cutting machine reduces labor costs and minimizes material waste. The machine optimizes the cutting process, ensuring efficient use of foam materials and minimizing scrap, resulting in cost savings for manufacturers.

5. Consistency in product quality: The precision cutting capabilities of the rotary die-cutting machine deliver consistent product quality throughout the production process. This ensures that each Anti-Dust Foams Mesh is exactly the same in terms of shape, size, and dimensions, leading to enhanced product performance and customer satisfaction.

Using a rotary die-cutting machine in the production of Anti-Dust Foams Meshes offers advantages such as precise cutting, increased production speed, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and consistent product quality. These benefits contribute to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction for manufacturers in this industry.


1. Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC): It can cut and shape FPCs into desired shapes and sizes for use in various electronic devices.

2. Labels and Stickers: The machine can die-cut labels and stickers from different types of materials, such as paper, plastic, and vinyl.

3. Gaskets and Seals: It can cut gaskets and seals from materials like rubber, foam, or silicone, which are used in automotive, industrial, and other applications.

4. Packaging Materials: The machine can cut and shape packaging materials, such as cardboard, corrugated board, and foam, for making boxes, inserts, and protective packaging.

5. Membrane Switches: It can cut and shape membrane switches, which are used in control panels, keyboards, and other electronic devices.

6. Insulation Materials: The machine can cut insulation materials, such as fiberglass, Mylar, or Nomex, for use in electrical equipment or HVAC systems.

7. Automotive Interior Parts: It can cut and shape materials like leather, fabric, or foam to produce automotive interior parts like seat covers, headrests, and armrests.

8. Medical Components: The machine can cut medical components, such as medical-grade tapes, filters, or foam pads, used in medical devices and equipment.

9. Industrial Components: It can cut and shape various industrial components, such as gaskets, pads, spacers, or washers, made from materials like rubber, foam, or PTFE.




1. Inner Package: Vacuum PET film  

2. In Containers, By sea



Q1How to choose a suitable circular knife cutting machine for producing dustproof foam nets?

 ATo choose a suitable circular knife cutting machine, factors to consider include the machine's production capacity, the durability and adjustability of the cutting tool, the convenience of operation, the noise and vibration during production, as well as the maintenance requirements of the machine. It is recommended to have detailed discussions and machine trials with suppliers to select a circular knife cutting machine that meets the production needs and budget requirements.

  Q2How to ensure the safety of the circular knife cutting machine during the production of dustproof foam nets?

 ATo ensure the safety of the circular knife cutting machine during production, it is necessary to comply with relevant safety operation regulations and standards. Operators should receive appropriate training to understand the operation process and safety requirements of the machine, and wear personal protective equipment correctly. The machine should be regularly maintained to ensure that the cutting tool is sharp and there are no potential hazards. During operation, the machine should be equipped with safety devices such as protective covers and emergency stop buttons to stop the machine promptly if necessary.

  Q3What types of materials for dustproof foam nets can be processed by a circular knife cutting machine?

 AA circular knife cutting machine can process various materials for dustproof foam nets, including foam materials of different thicknesses and densities. However, the cutting parameters need to be adjusted according to the characteristics and hardness of the foam material to ensure cutting effectiveness and production quality. It is recommended to conduct sufficient material testing and adjustment before using the circular knife cutting machine to determine the best cutting parameters and processes.

  Q4How to minimize material waste in the production of dustproof foam nets using a circular knife cutting machine?

 ATo minimize material waste, the following measures can be taken: optimize the mold design to minimize material cutting repetition and arrange as many molds as possible within the cutting area to achieve the best material utilization; accurately control the depth and speed of the cutting tool to avoid over-cutting or insufficient cutting that leads to material waste; recycle the remaining material when suitable, to reduce waste.

  Q5How to ensure the consistency of product quality when using a circular knife cutting machine to produce dustproof foam nets?

 ATo ensure the consistency of product quality, the following measures need to be taken: ensure the durability and sharpness of the cutting tools by regularly replacing them, to avoid blurry or inaccurate cutting during the process; conduct regular inspections and maintenance of the machine to ensure its good operating condition and prevent mechanical issues that could affect cutting quality; strictly control production parameters such as cutting depth and speed to ensure consistent size and shape of each dustproof foam net; conduct quality inspections and acceptance checks for each production batch to ensure compliance with product specifications and quality requirements.

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At the same time, we also provide various die-cutting machine accessories, including cutting dies, anvil cylinders, rotary tooling, spindle, blades and pressure pads. These accessories are precision processed and have excellent wear resistance and durability, effectively prolonging the service life of the machine and improving production efficiency.

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