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24B Kiss Cutting Machine for UHFHF RFID Tags Labels

Mode: FMT250-24B
Stations: 24 Stations / 48 Spindles
Width range: 150/250/350/550/650mm
Max speed: 70m/min
Cutting precision: ±0.1mm
Dimension: 8800*1420*2350mm
Weight: 10T
Certification CE & ISO
Quick-change modular various design


Product Information

rotary die cutting machines play a crucial role in the manufacturing process of UHF RFID tags for the Internet of Things (IoT). These advanced machines utilize precision cutting technology to create intricate shapes and designs on a variety of materials used in UHF RFID tag production. By automating the cutting process with high speed and accuracy, rotary die cutting machines ensure consistent quality and efficiency in the fabrication of UHF RFID tags. This technology enables manufacturers to meet the increasing demand for reliable and cost-effective RFID solutions in the IoT industry, ultimately contributing to the seamless integration of smart devices and applications in the connected world.

Basic information

Intelligent tension control system High precision round knife holder CCD electric tracking Incoming deflector

converting, laminating, indexing, autotuning, CCD alignment, extremely fast and precise


  • Module design: One machine, by changing tools or adding apparatus (below details), can cover most of the industries, such as Medical and Cosmetic, Anti Dust Foams Meshes, Conductive Insulation Pads, Graphite Thermal Pads, Screen Frame Adhesives, UHFHF RFID Tags Labels, etc.

  • ALL cutter holder's movements are controlled by JAPAN Omron servomotor with enough torsion ,stable acceleration and deceleration, precision can be ±0.05--±0.1.

  • All unwind & rewind shafts are driven separately by servo motors. The unwinding, rewinding, straight & reverse rotation are more flexible and controlled by high sensitivity tension sensor shaft's feedback to ensure smooth running.

  • It can save more 200 kinds of SOP data, improve standard level, and reduce dependence on Operator's experience and reduce more than 60% material waste

  • Main unwind EPC system can stabilize the material feeding into blade holder

  • Movable auxiliary unwind shaft

  • Fracturing detecting machine stop or alarming to reduce material waste.

  • Machine has the function of asynchronous laminating which can save material.

  • Color code electric eye tracking system can meet the demand of position precision of produce printing product.

  • The main operation interface adopts touch panel, with picture display for easy operation. Keyboard, mouse and hand touch are all available.

  • CCD testing system can test position precision all the time during the whole process and then feedback to PLC which send orders to servo motors to adjust position.

Technical parameters are based on a baseline standard but all Fumart rotary die cutting machines can be customized to meet your product's needs.

Production and QC process systems



The advantages of using a rotary die-cutting machine in the production of cellphone back adhesive tapes or touch screen protective films are as follows:

1. High precision and accuracy: Rotary die-cutting machines are designed to provide precise and consistent cutting of materials. This ensures that the cellphone back adhesive tapes or touch screen protective films are cut to the exact shape and size required, reducing wastage and improving the overall quality of the products.

2. High-speed production: These machines are capable of cutting materials at high speeds, allowing manufacturers to produce a large quantity of cellphone back adhesive tapes or touch screen protective films in a shorter period of time. This increases production efficiency and helps meet tight deadlines.

3. Cost-effective: By automating the cutting process, rotary die-cutting machines reduce the need for manual labor. This not only lowers labor costs but also improves the overall production capacity of the manufacturing line. Additionally, the accurate cutting ensures minimum material wastage, further contributing to cost savings.

4. Versatility: Rotary die-cutting machines are highly versatile and can be used for cutting a wide range of materials, including various types of adhesive tapes, protective films, and other thin materials used in electronic products. This versatility allows manufacturers to adapt to different product requirements and diversify their product offerings.

5. User-friendly operation: These machines are designed with user-friendly interfaces and controls, making it easy for operators to set up and operate the machine. This reduces the need for extensive training and minimizes the chances of human errors during the production process.

6. Consistent cutting quality: Rotary die-cutting machines ensure consistent cutting quality, with minimal variations or errors in each piece. This results in a uniform and professional finish of the cellphone back adhesive tapes or touch screen protective films, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of the final product.


1. Adhesive products: various adhesive products used in electronic industries, IT industries, thin film switches, and automotive manufacturing, including special adhesive pads, silicone stickers, magic tapes, conductive adhesives, strong double-sided tapes, 3M products, Sony special adhesive pads, and backlight screens.

2. Dust-proof materials: cotton pads, camera pads, high-density sponges, filter cotton, dust covers, non-woven fabrics.

3. Shock-absorbing products: recoil rubber pads, rubber materials, transparent foot pads, PORON pads, 3M products, flame retardant EVA, high-density foam.

4. Insulation materials: fireproof paper, aluminum foil, copper foil, PVC, PET, kraft paper, sponge casing, pearl casing.

5. EMI shielding materials: copper foil, aluminum foil, conductive fabric, absorbing materials.

6. Heat-resistant insulation materials: silicon film, transparent mica film, fiber cloth, heat insulation cotton (cloth).

7. Paper packaging materials: corrugated paper, packaging paper, and cardboard.



1. Die-cut products of damping aluminum foil adhesive tape, electrical adhesive tape, and foam adhesive tape sealing parts

2. Die-cut products of mirror base structure bonding tape for rearview mirrors

3. Die-cut products of specialized sound-absorbing materials

4. Die-cut products for use in car interior displays such as LCDs, VCDs, DVDs, transfer tape for car interior components, and various interior decoration adhesive tape

5. Die-cut products for protective cushioning materials and materials such as roof structure sealing tape

Installed Products: Using double-sided adhesive tape, foam tape, transfer tape, double-stable tape with anti-plasticizer, mist-reducing tape, after cutting and die-cutting, can be used on car parts. Such as: instrument panel, lamp housing, decorations, etc., for faster, simpler, more accurate installation.

Noise reduction and shock absorption: Between metal parts and plastic parts, plastic parts and plastic parts, metal parts and metal parts, pasting die-cut products made of foam, felt, scratch-resistant textiles, etc., to reduce noise and absorb shocks.

Interior decoration and cushioning: Various chloroprene rubber, foam, and silicone materials, after precise die-cutting, used in decorative pieces, car doors, ceilings, etc.

Other applications: Installation of car emblems, high-temperature spray masking paper, sealing of airbags, speaker covers, temporary protective gallbladder, etc.


Die-cutting machines are mainly used in the packaging decoration industry for die-cutting, creasing, and cold pressing of trademarks, paper boxes, greeting cards, etc., which is essential equipment for post-printing packaging processing.


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