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FMT250-12B Rotary Die Cutter for Conductive Insulation Pads

Mode: FMT250-12B
Stations: 12 Stations / 24 Spindles
Width range: 150/250/350/550/650mm
Max speed: 70m/min
Cutting precision: ±0.1mm
Dimension: 5200*1420*2350
Weight: 6T
Certification CE & ISO
Quick-change modular various design


Product Information

Intelligent tension control system High precision round knife holder CCD electric tracking Incoming deflector

converting, laminating, indexing, autotuning, CCD alignment, extremely fast and precise


Technological process

Slitting --- laminating --- die cutting --- discharging waste material --- rolling the useful material, and this process will be done repeatedly upon your product's craft ship.

Widely used in mobile phones, computers, liquid crystal displays, digital cameras, automobiles, lithium batteries, semiconductors, and medical devices.