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Banana vibrating screen

Banana vibrating screen


The design and manufacturing of Fumate banana vibrating screen meet the requirements of GB/T5000.3 Mechanical Design Standard, IEC International Electrical Standard, JB/T9022 [Design Specification for Vibrating Screen], JB/T5496 [General-purpose technology Conditions for Vibrating Screen Manufacturing] and relevant coal preparation machinery industry standards. The selection, processing, welding, and assembly of all materials shall strictly comply with corresponding national standards. Koufu Mart banana vibrating screen is mainly used for coal classification, desliming, dehydration, and media removal, and is also suitable for screening and grading other minerals. And can adapt to various harsh working conditions such as corrosion and wear.


Working principle:

  • Drive the drive shaft to rotate through an electric motor;

  • The drive shaft transmits the driving force to the main drive universal joint shaft;

  • The main drive universal shaft drives the vibration exciter to operate and generate linear vibration force, with the direction of the vibration force forming a 45 °angle with the horizontal; The linear excitation force acts continuously and circularly on the screen machine, causing it to vibrate on the support spring, while the support spring reduces the load on the foundation of the screen machine;

  • The screen surface undergoes synchronous vibration under the drive of the screen machine, transmitting force to the materials on the screen, causing the materials to be lifted and layered before being thrown on the screen surface, and to be sieved and graded according to the required particle size;

  • The materials are continuously input from the feeding chute to the feeding end of the screening machine. After screening and processing through the screen surface, the undersize materials are discharged into the undersize discharge chute, and the above screened materials are discharged into the front row of the screening chute;


Product advantages:

  • By utilizing the theory of equal thickness screening, the processing capacity and screening efficiency of the screening machine can be effectively improved. Under the same conditions, the processing capacity can be increased by 40% to 60% compared to similar screening machines;

  • The screen machine is designed with heavy load, with high overall strength, stiffness, and service life;

  • The exciter has strong vibration parameters and stable performance; Large processing capacity and high usage efficiency;

  • ·With multiple angles to choose from, the material flow rate changes evenly, and the process effect is obvious;

  • Smooth operation and low noise;

  • The screen machine requires less power and can effectively save energy;

  • It can be shipped as a complete machine or disassembled for shipment;

  • Complete variety, able to fully meet the screening process requirements of different material characteristics and processing capacities;

  • Multiple modular sieve plate forms can be installed.

  • The sieve machine is easy to operate and maintain, safe to use, cost-effective, with sufficient spare parts, and timely and thoughtful service.