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what's High frequency vibrating screen and how Banana vibrating screen work in the production ?


A high-frequency vibrating screen is a type of vibrating screen that operates at a high frequency. It is primarily used in the mineral processing industry to separate fine particles from larger particles. The high-frequency vibrating screen uses high-frequency vibrations to generate a high acceleration, which helps to separate the materials more efficiently. This type of screen is often used in applications where the goal is to produce a fine and uniform product. It can also be used in dewatering processes to remove water from the material being processed.

A banana vibrating screen, also known as a multi-slope screen or a banana-shaped screen, works by generating a linear motion with high G-forces on the sloped decks. The banana shape of the screen deck allows for a large screening area and efficient screening of fine and sticky materials.

The working principle of a banana vibrating screen involves two vibrating motors with eccentric weights that rotate in opposite directions. These motors create a linear motion by vibrating the screen deck, causing the material to move along the screen surface. The high G-forces generated by the vibrating motors help to efficiently separate and classify the material.

The material is fed onto the inclined screen deck at the lower end. As the material moves along the screen, the larger particles move towards the higher end of the screen deck, while the finer particles pass through the screen openings. The banana shape of the screen deck allows for a longer effective screening length, enabling better screening efficiency.

The inclined angle of the screen deck can be adjusted to optimize the screening performance for different materials and applications. The higher the inclination angle, the faster the material will move along the screen deck, resulting in higher throughput and better screening efficiency.

In addition, the banana vibrating screen is equipped with rubber panels or polyurethane panels on the screen deck to enhance the screening performance. These panels help to prevent the material from sticking to the screen surface and improve the screening efficiency for fine and sticky materials.

Overall, the banana vibrating screen is designed to provide efficient and effective screening of a wide range of materials in various industries, including mining, mineral processing, and aggregates production.



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