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Take you to fully understand Die-cutting materials waterproof film

Die-cutting materials waterproof film is generally called waterproof and dust-proof net in the die-cutting industry. It is mainly used in acoustic applications and can provide a pollution barrier for waterproof and dust-proof purposes with good sound wave propagation. They can also prevent dust, splashes, soda water, coffee and other common drinks from splashing in a short period of time, and provide pressure relief and balance.


Waterproof film provides a solution to protect the flow rate of pressure relief holes. These pressure relief holes are used to control the equipment pressure fluctuations caused by temperature, height, and sound pressure changes, as well as to release battery exhaust gas without significantly restricting ventilation. When the high temperature resistance reaches 250°C, its low temperature resistance can be lowered to -196°C.

1. In order to prevent the invasion of solid matter:

1) Protect solid foreign objects with a diameter greater than or equal to 50mm. Protect objects with a large surface area, except for hands.

2) Protect solid foreign objects with a diameter greater than or equal to 12mm. Protect fingers or other objects whose length does not exceed 80mm.

3) Protect solid foreign objects with a diameter greater than or equal to 2.5mm. Protect tools and metal wires with a diameter or thickness greater than 2.5mm.

4) Protect solid foreign objects with a diameter greater than or equal to 1.0mm. Protect metal wires or metal strips with a thickness greater than 1.0mm.

5) Dust-proof: In many cases, we cannot completely prevent dust from entering. The protective film can only allow a small amount of dust to enter, and the entry of a small amount of dust will not affect the normal operation of the equipment.

6) Dust-free means no dust enters.

2. Prevent liquid intrusion:

1) Protect against water droplets (vertically falling water droplets) entering the equipment.

2) Prevent splashing of water droplets. It can be said that vertically falling water droplets should not cause damage.

3) Prevent water overflow. Water splashing out from vertical sides at a 60-degree angle should not cause damage.

4) Prevent water spraying. When the equipment tilts 15 degrees in the normal position, accurate spraying of the equipment from any direction should not cause damage.

5) Prevent water jets. Spraying water at the equipment from any direction should not cause damage.

6) Prevent large waves. Damage should not be caused by large waves or strong water currents entering the equipment.

7) Waterproofing. When immersed in water under specified pressure and time, there should be no water infiltration that can cause damage.

8) Prevent flooding. The equipment can be immersed in water for a long time under the conditions specified by the manufacturer.


Waterproof film has a wide range of applications in the field of precision electronics, such as mobile phone waterproof film, tablet waterproof film, TV waterproof film, etc. Due to the application field, the precision of die-cutting is also relatively high. Only high-quality die-cutting machines can meet the high-precision die-cutting requirements and reduce waste to a certain extent. Fumart has been engaged in the die-cutting industry for many years and has its own patented technology for customizing circular blade die-cutting machines.



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