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Why is the rotary die cutting machine more popular? Do you know about its performance?

rotary die cutting machines are increasingly recognized and utilized in the sales market due to their high production efficiency and widespread primary applications. In addition, with the continuous development of the field, there is an increasing demand for rotary die machines, and Fumart rotary die cutting machines are increasingly favored in the sales market. What are the performance features of the rotary die cutting machine? Why is the rotary die cutting machine more popular?

What are the performance features of the rotary die cutting machine? Why is the rotary die cutting machine more popular?

1. Multi-threaded catering:

In order to better save raw materials, products with different specifications and different bounce spacing must be matched according to different transmission ratios to achieve the goal of saving raw materials. Nowadays, data signals based on various specifications can be loaded and reported to the system software, and the cutting machine's laser cutting work platform will automatically adjust, ensuring stable support and making the linear fitting duration more precise and stable.

2. Independent operation:

The seven-station machine equipment is divided into two groups for separate use and production. An extra spindle can be selected on the main spindle. The first three stations constitute one group, and the last four stations constitute another group, and then all auxiliary shafts are assigned. The axes assigned to the first spindle will not be allocated to the second spindle. This kind of functional analysis further enhances the working efficiency of the rotary die cutting machine.

3. Automatic compensation:

According to the comparison of two monitoring points, adjust the position of the product's center based on the specific product tolerance. When the prefabricated component tolerance is exceeded, the green light will continue to flash. Specific compensation can be seen in the cumulative compensation box within the tolerance range, but when using automatic compensation, the product should be adjusted within the stable tolerance range before opening automatic compensation.

4. Reciprocating:

Refers to the intermittent rotation mode of the automatic cutting machine: it is a linear film cutting machine for rotary drum label printing. It features the efficiency difference between the mold engraving and the CNC blade on the milling cutter, which produces product pattern designs on the milling cutter according to customer-specified product intervals and specifications, thereby significantly reducing the manufacturing cost and production processing cycle time of the milling cutter, and improving the high efficiency of the laser cutting. The rotary die cutting machine collects the block products cut by the mold in accordance with the specified positions.



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