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Do you know the purpose of protective film die cutting?

Die-cut protective film is an efficient solution for safeguarding delicate surfaces during handling, shipping, and storage. This specialized film, with its precise shape and size, acts as a reliable barrier against scratches, abrasions, and other potential damage. By adhering tightly to the surface, the protective film offers excellent coverage and defense against dust, moisture, and minor impacts. Its easy application and removal process make it convenient for use in various industries, including electronics, automotive, and manufacturing. Utilizing die-cut protective film not only enhances product quality but also provides peace of mind, knowing that valuable surfaces are shielded from harm throughout their journey.

As we all know, in the composition of electronic products, the protective film is an essential part. Whether it's a mobile phone, camera, or tablet, a protective film is applied before leaving the factory to protect the screen of the product. The transparency, smoothness, and cleanliness of the protective film affect consumers' impression of electronic products. Protective film die cutting is the process of using plastic film or aluminum-plastic composite materials as substrates, coated with low-adhesive pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side, and then cut into rolls after slitting.

This series has a thickness ranging from 3c to 20c and viscosity ranging from 10 grams to 400 grams. It is suitable for plastic lenses, glass, film, displays, circuit boards, etc. The product exhibits excellent light transmittance, hardness, scratch resistance, flatness, high-temperature resistance, UV resistance, and air exhaustibility. Its drawbacks are poor elongation and bending function, and poor adaptability to temperature changes.

It is suitable for various screen protection, production process of computer keyboards, and protection of surfaces with low static electricity requirements. It provides protection for LCD screens, LCM screen surfaces, shock resistance, electronic screen surfaces, automotive surfaces, shells, air conditioning surfaces, various household appliance surfaces, tight fit boards, optical lenses, optical resin plates, and other surface protection effects.

Do you know the purpose of protective film die cutting?

The purpose of protective film die cutting:

(1) Good transparency, excellent self-adhesive effect, and automatic bubble exhaust.

(2) Various thicknesses and levels of adhesive are available for different types of devices.

(3) The adhesive has stable functionality, high-temperature resistance, and can be used for a long time in high-temperature environments.

(4) It does not leave adhesive residue and has good acid and alkali resistance.

(5) The principle of exhaust absorption makes it more suitable for high-gloss mirror surfaces and products with strict cleanliness requirements for surface protection.

(6) The double-layer structure and special release liner protect the adhesive surface outstandingly while reducing costs, making it easy to implement in the electronics industry.

(7) The product has passed various tests and certifications, such as SGS, CTI, ISO, ROHS, etc.

The above seven points explain the purpose of protective film die cutting. I hope it helps those in need.



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