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A wide range of applications for optical PET films

Optical PET films are widely used in the field of electronics, especially in products such as liquid crystal displays, color televisions and tablet computers. The following is the demand for optical PET films in these areas:

LCD control panel: Optical PET protective film has excellent optical characteristics of high transmittance and high surface smoothness in LCD. It is used as an external diffusion film, brightening film, reflective film, anti-static protective film and touch screen protective film and other key components. In liquid crystal displays, the demand for optical films is large, occupying 15-20 times the panel area, and the cost accounts for about 15-20% of the total cost of liquid crystal displays.

Color TV: With the growth of color TV production in China, there is a close relationship between optical film technology and raw material demand. Because of its lightweight, thin design, small size and good optical performance, optical film has been widely used in notebook computers, mobile phones, PC monitors and color TV products. The demand for optical films in the upstream and downstream markets of color television has also increased significantly.

Tablet computers: Optical PET protective films account for more than 80% of the cost of tablet panel products. Optical films play an important role in the manufacturing process of tablet computers, which are mainly used for film extender, backlight control module films, color filters, polarizers and other components.

Optical devices: Optical PET films can be used to manufacture various optical devices, such as lenses, filters, mirrors, etc. Its high light transmittance and surface smoothness make it a preferred material for improving the performance and protection of optical components.

Lighting industry: Optical PET film can be used as a key component in lighting products such as anti-reflection film, reflective film and anti-glare film to improve lighting effect and optical transmission efficiency.

Automotive field: Optical PET film is more and more widely used in automotive dashboard, center control screen, navigation display screen and vehicle display system. It can be used as a protective, reflective or anti-reflection film to provide superior display and durability.

Medical equipment: Due to the low fog, high light transmittance and good chemical stability of optical PET films, its application in medical equipment is also important. For example, the use of optical PET films in screen protectors for medical displays, scanners and surgical instruments can provide clear images and reliable protection.

Solar industry: Optical PET film can be used as a protective film for solar panels and solar collectors. It has weather resistance, high temperature resistance and UV resistance, and can extend the life of the equipment while improving the efficiency of solar energy conversion.

Overall, optical PET films play an important role in many fields, and their excellent optical properties and plasticity make them an ideal material choice. With the continuous progress of technology and the increase of demand, the application prospect of optical PET films in more fields will continue to expand.



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