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The electrode production equipment interprets the electrode production process and supports the customization of electrode production equipment for cardiac electrodes and therapy electrodes

Electrodes can be divided into different types, such as cardiac electrodes, conductive electrodes, thermal electrodes, therapy electrodes, and massage electrodes. Currently, most electrodes on the market are self-adhesive electrodes, especially disposable self-adhesive electrodes, which are increasingly accepted and used. So how are these electrodes produced? Today, we will take our company's non-woven self-adhesive cardiac electrode production machine as an example to explain the production process of cardiac electrodes. If you have more technical questions or requirements, please contact us directly. Our company specializes in customized automated equipment. There is nothing we can't do, only finding the right person for the job.


1. Equipment Overview

   - Equipment name: Cardiac Electrode die cutting machine

   - Core functions: Snap button punching, inspection, adhesive application

   - Efficiency: Over 50 pieces per minute for single row, over 100 pieces per minute for double row

2. Basic Parameters

   - Power supply specifications: AC380V

   - Material: Non-woven fabric

   - Weight (approximately): 2.6T

   - Power (approximately): 24KVA

   - Automation: Automatic reel positioning, automatic label tracking

   - Precision: 0.1mm

   - Control system: Omron advanced motion controller

   - Drive motor: Full servo motor

3. Production Process

   (1) Semi-cut release paper: Only cut the release paper halfway. In subsequent processes, a part of the release paper will be discarded to avoid taking away the adhesive during the composite PET process.

   (2) Label die-cutting and composite: Semi-cut the label into the required shape, discard the waste material outside the shape, and composite the circular label onto the non-woven fabric. Collect the bottom paper.

   (3) Punching: Cut a small hole in the center of the labeled material for easy button punching in the following process. The waste material is automatically discharged.


   (4) Button punching: Button punching is the most important process in the production line. Before button punching, remove and collect the bottom paper of the non-woven fabric. The upper and lower cylinders move together to punch the buttons at the location of the previously punched hole. After button punching, the raised part of the button faces downward.


   (5) Electric testing: Test the electrical connection of buttons and mark any failed products. 

   (6) Adhesive cutting and application: Cut the adhesive material into suitable sizes and shapes, then apply them to the non-woven fabric. Remove the cover paper before die-cutting, and remove the bottom paper after die-cutting. Apply the cut adhesive to the non-woven fabric.

   (7) Full-cut release paper: Fully cut the release paper and partially discard the waste material. This facilitates peeling from the PET film later on.

   (8) PET composite: Composite a layer of PET film on the non-woven fabric as a support.

   (9) Semi-cut the outline: Cut the non-woven fabric from the bottom up, fully cutting through the fabric but not through the PET film. Discard the excess edge material as waste. After removing the waste material, only the PET film and cardiac electrode remain.

   (10) Dotted line or cut: For individual packaging, the products need to be cut. For products packaged in rolls or sheets, a dotted line needs to be cut between each product to facilitate tearing during use.


For more information on the production process and customization of die-cutting machines, plaster machines, electrode pad machines, dressing machines, and other production equipment, please contact us.

For more information on the production process and customization of die-cutting machines, circular knife machines, plaster machines, cardiac electrode machines, adhesive bandage machines, medical dressing machines, negative electrode plates, and other medical dressing and consumable production equipment, please contact us.



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