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In die-cutting tasks, double-sided tape has multiple uses. Do you know which type?

Double-sided adhesive for die-cutting materials is an essential component in various industries. It provides a reliable and efficient bonding solution for attaching die-cut materials to different surfaces. This type of adhesive is designed to have adhesive properties on both sides, ensuring a strong and long-lasting bond.

The double-sided adhesive for die-cutting materials offers convenience in application. It allows for easy and precise positioning of the die-cut materials, minimizing the risk of misalignment. Its strong adhesive properties ensure that the materials stay securely in place, even under challenging conditions.

Moreover, this adhesive is versatile and can be used with various die-cut materials such as paper, fabric, foam, and plastic. It is commonly employed in industries like packaging, automotive, electronics, and crafts. The adhesive's bond strength can be customized depending on the specific application requirements.

In addition to its bonding capabilities, the double-sided adhesive for die-cutting materials often comes with features such as heat resistance, moisture resistance, and high-performance adhesion. These added properties make it suitable for use in demanding environments where durability and reliability are crucial.


1. Structure

Double-sided tape is made of paper, fabric, or plastic film, and it is a die-cutting material. Elastic pressure-sensitive adhesive or resin pressure-sensitive adhesive is evenly coated on the aforementioned substrate. It consists of three parts: the substrate, the adhesive, and the release liner (film).

The reason why tape can adhere to objects is because it has a layer of adhesive on its surface! The earliest adhesives came from plant extracts. In the 19th century, rubber was a major component of adhesives; nowadays, various polymers are widely used. The adhesive can adhere to an object because it forms bonds between its own molecules and the molecules of the object it intends to connect, thereby firmly bonding the molecules together.


2. Types

There are various types of double-sided tapes: grid double-sided tape, reinforced double-sided tape, rubber double-sided tape, high-temperature double-sided tape, non-woven double-sided tape, residue-free double-sided tape, tissue paper double-sided tape, double-sided glass cloth tape, PET double-sided tape, foam double-sided tape, etc., all of which are used in different industries' production processes.

Based on adhesive properties, double-sided tape can be divided into solvent-based tape (oil-based double-sided tape), water-based tape (aqueous double-sided tape), hot melt tape, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, and reactive adhesive tape.

They are commonly used in leather, nameplates, stationery, electronic products, automotive edge decorations, footwear, paper, handicrafts positioning, and other applications.

According to their intended use, double-sided tapes can be classified as follows:

Water-based double-sided tape, oil-based double-sided tape, hot melt double-sided tape, embroidery double-sided tape, and flat double-sided tape;

Water-based double-sided tape has weak adhesion, oil-based double-sided tape has strong adhesion, and hot melt double-sided tape is mainly used for pasting stickers, stationery, and office supplies.

Oil-based double-sided tape is mainly used for high-viscosity products such as leather goods, EVA foam, sponge, shoes, etc. Double-sided embroidery tape is mainly used for computer embroidery, while tape is primarily used for the pasting and positioning of printing plates.

Cleaning Tools

The following tools are easy to find:

1. Hairdryer. This is the most important and essential tool in the entire method. However, please note that we need to be able to blow hotter air, so a regular hairdryer may not work, and older hairdryers are even better.

2. Blades. Ordinary beauty blades can be used, and note that you do not need the handle. Razor blades can also be used on special occasions.

3. Patience. In fact, doing this kind of work is simple, but the most important thing is to be careful in order to succeed.


Through experiments, this method is applicable to the following situations:

1. Tape on smooth paper packaging boxes.

2. Tape on kraft paper boxes.

3. Easily damaged labels often found on items like computer accessories or mobile phones.

4. After opening, there will be some adhesive residue left from various anti-counterfeit labels.

5. Tape or stickers stuck on very thin plastic films.

Although double-sided tape seems simple, the production process is quite complex, and each step has stricter requirements, particularly the control of the die-cutting process. Only high-quality die-cutting machines can produce high-quality products while reducing waste and saving costs to some extent. If you want to learn more about technical issues related to die-cutting production or need assistance in choosing a rotary die-cutting machine, please feel free to contact Fumart. We are here to serve you.



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