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Analysis of Chinese die-cutting machine current situation and application trend

11.jpgDie-cutting machine is an indispensable supporting equipment for printing factories. Carton, paper box, paper bag, paper can, flag hanging, folding, self-adhesive and other packaging decoration printing products are almost used in die-cutting equipment. Especially with the continuous prosperity of the market economy, the application of die cutting machine is more and more widely, and the quality and production efficiency of printing products, the performance, function and adaptability of die cutting machine also put forward higher requirements, so, under the general trend of continuous development and growth of the printing industry, The production of die-cutting machine in our country is gradually developing to the direction of automation, digitalization, intellectualization, functionalization, linkage, high-speed and personalized, which will greatly promote the technical progress of packaging printing in our country.

Die cutting machine is die cutting, indentation, embossing, concave and convex production of the main equipment, widely used in paper, cardboard, plastic film, leather products, cloth products and other products forming processing technology. In daily production, we can find that a considerable part of die cutting products, in fact, also contains indentation production process, so people are used to die cutting and indentation process, referred to as die cutting process. Due to the different structure and characteristics of various products, the die-cutting production mode should also be different, so the die-cutting machine also has a variety of structures and forms.

An overview of all kinds of die cutting production equipment on the market, its form and structure are diverse, there are vertical flattening structure of the model, there are horizontal automatic flattening structure of the model; There is a circular flattening structure of die cutting machine, there is also a circular form of die cutting machine; There are die-cutting machine suitable for plate paper, there are also web die-cutting models; Have both can be electrochemical aluminum hot stamping, and can complete the multifunctional online machine; There are indentation, slotting and scuttling machines connected with corrugated printing presses, as well as die cutting devices connected with letterpress, flexographic printing, gravure printing, offset printing press, etc., to adapt to and meet the needs of various products to improve production efficiency and quality. So, what kind of die cutting machine is used in printing factory for production, in order to achieve the maximum production efficiency and product quality? This requires that we should first of all rationally understand the process and equipment of die-cutting, understand the structure, performance and adaptability of different die-cutting machines, timely grasp the development dynamics and application trend of Chinese die-cutting machines, according to the factory's production structure and product characteristics, choose the right die-cutting machine to produce, this is very important link.

Our die cutting mechanism after decades of development, the level of production technology and production scale has been greatly improved and expanded, especially since 2000, the domestic production die cutting machine manufacturers in digestion and absorption of foreign advanced manufacturing technology, has made major breakthroughs and progress, equipment trend digital, intelligent, functional, linkage and other aspects of development, The technical performance and degree of automation of the equipment have made a qualitative leap. The traditional backward vertical flattening artificial filling paper die cutting equipment is gradually replaced by the automatic die cutting machine with high efficiency and high quality production characteristics. This trend is becoming more and more significant, especially in some large and medium-sized printing factories in the developed areas. The number of applications of the horizontal flat pressing automatic die cutting machine is increasing, and has become the main equipment of the factory die cutting production. And in terms of the overall situation of the printing industry, because many small and medium-sized printing factories in our country are mostly based on complex varieties and small production number of orders, factory business volume is small, production scale and benefit have certain limitations, fully automatic die-cutting equipment is still difficult to be widely adopted in the short term. Therefore, although the production efficiency, quality level and safety factor of vertical flattening die cutting equipment are relatively low, but because of its cheap price, and the existence of production adaptability and flexibility, it still has a certain application value and broad market at present and in the future for a period of time. Therefore, the author thinks, although all kinds of die cutting machine have their own advantages and defects, but, maintain the market of all kinds of die cutting machine coexist pattern, in the production can play a complementary role, so that all kinds of printing factories can have more flexible and greater choice, so that die cutting equipment in the actual production of the factory, achieve the best consideration of efficiency and benefit.

1. Vertical flat pressing die cutting machine. From the current market application of die-cutting machine overall status, vertical flat die-cutting equipment market share of about 65%, is the main production equipment in the printing industry. At present, the domestic vertical die-cutting machine to open and full open specifications of the more, the four specifications of the model application is relatively less. From the mechanical structure and characteristics of vertical die-cutting machine, this kind of machine has the advantages of simple structure, low precision, poor production performance, unstable product quality, relatively low production efficiency, the production speed of the machine is about 1300 pieces per hour, so the die-cutting production of long-term products lacks advantages. But the machine is convenient to operate, change order production fast, flexible, the machine die-cutting pressure is large, indentation clear, the thickness of die-cutting products can adapt, especially suitable for small batch products die-cutting indentation or concave and convex production, and the price of the equipment is relatively low, most printing factories are willing to accept. Therefore, although the machine used artificial repeating paper operation, with high labor intensity, production efficiency and quality has some limitations. But, it is estimated that the machine of this kind has a large application market in our country.

2. A rotary automatic die cutting machine for round flattening. Compared with the production efficiency and quality of the vertical flat die cutting machine has a certain improvement of the circular structure of the automatic die cutting machine, is evolved on the basis of the Heidelberg letterpress rotary platform printing press, the main specifications have two kinds of open and open, the machine can also be configured with hot stamping device, the production speed is generally about 3500 pieces per hour. Based on the characteristics of the machine feeding and sealing mechanism, this machine is suitable for embossing, embossing, indentation, hot stamping and simple die cutting products of coated paper, double adhesive paper, special paper or white board. Therefore, this machine is often used in the post-press processing of cigarette bags, cosmetics, album covers, electronics, medical packaging, paper bags and other products. Because the machine pressing work is "surface and line" contact state, the pressure is relatively concentrated and uniform, on the product indentation, embossing and concave and convex embossing production, has a greater quality advantage. However, limited to the machine structure and adaptability of the reason, the machine is not suitable for corrugated box, corrugated box die cutting. Also because the machine has no waste cleaning device, and the paper receiving device is the chain tooth row circumferential circulation movement to complete the transportation of semi-finished products, so it can not adapt to die cutting and platemaking structure is more complex products. Based on the characteristics and reasons of the equipment structure, this kind of die cutting machine application market is relatively small, the estimated market share of the machine is about 5%.

3. Horizontal flattening automatic die cutting machine. Compared with vertical horizontal die cutting machine and circular die cutting machine, horizontal automatic die cutting machine has significant advantages. Commonly used models have split and fully open specifications, the normal production speed is about 6000 pieces per hour, the highest speed of 9000 pieces per hour, die-cutting precision up to 0.1mm, equipment performance can basically meet the requirements of fine products die-cutting production. Some models are also equipped with hot stamping device, so that the functional advantages and competitive advantages of the equipment are further highlighted, more suitable for cardboard boxes, color boxes and other fine products die cutting and hot stamping. At present, the domestic market share of automatic die cutting machine is about 20%. In the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other printing industry is more developed, the market share of automatic die cutting machine is higher, and it may even be more than 50%. From the development trend of the printing industry, the application range of domestic horizontal die cutting machine will continue to expand, this kind of equipment hidden a large market potential. In addition, from the price analysis of the equipment, the price of the current domestic production of horizontal flattening automatic die cutting machine, only between 1/3 and 1/4 of the price of similar products abroad, and the domestic production of this kind of automatic die cutting machine exists in oversupply, it is expected that the price of this kind of machine will have a downward trend. Therefore, at present and in the future for a period of time, horizontal automatic die cutting machine will be the printing industry to achieve technical progress, improve production efficiency and product quality development direction, is expected to gradually replace the traditional, backward vertical die cutting machine.

4. Flexographic printing machine die cutting device. Die cutting unit with flexible corrugated printing machine online operation production, is composed of circular slitter cutter, slotted CAM, press roller and other devices, its structure is simple and rough, suitable for online printing of corrugated cardboard for slitter, slotting and indentation, can be completed in one time carton printing and semi-finished die cutting, reduce the intermediate link of production, shorten the production cycle of carton printing. Its production efficiency is high, and can reduce the consumption of raw materials, but the precision of corrugated cardboard die cutting is relatively low, the product quality is relatively low, generally only used in the production of low and medium carton, so this model in the carton factory application more, and the entire printing industry, it is estimated that its market share is about 5%.

5. Automatic rotary die cutting machine for circular pressing. For web gravure printing, offset printing and flexo printing equipment connected supporting rotary die cutting unit, the production speed can reach 20000 sheets/hour, almost the same as the speed of web printing press, can greatly improve the efficiency of die cutting production. Because the circular die cutting work is line contact state, the working pressure is very small, the pressure is stable, the product molding size is relatively accurate, but also because of the high abrasion resistance of the die cutting roll, it is conducive to improve the service life of the die cutting roll and the product die cutting quality, reduce the production cost of die cutting. Therefore, in recent years, with the rapid development of web printing press, the application of circular die-cutting technology has been promoted to a certain extent. However, due to the die cutting roller processing cycle is long, the price is very expensive, can only be limited to the production of long, high-end and fixed specifications of printing products, in order to offset the production of die cutting roller production costs. At present, the production quantity of rotary die cutting units accounts for less than 5% of the market share, and most of them are used for cigarette packet production.Electronic-die-cutting.jpg

It can be said that die cutting machine is almost every printing factory necessary supporting production equipment, and choose what kind of die cutting machine for production, the author believes that the main should be based on the product structure of the factory, choose models suitable for the actual situation and production characteristics of the factory production, in order to better improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce production consumption and production costs. Therefore, the author believes that the small printing and packaging factory, carton factory production business volume is relatively small, the number of varieties and miscellaneous, the production quantity is relatively small, should consider the use of vertical flattening structure die-cutting machine mainly for production, of course, in the case of large business, can also be appropriate to introduce a small number of horizontal automatic die-cutting machine to play a complementary role, in order to improve the production capacity of die-cutting, Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. If the product structure is relatively single, the production quantity is larger, the profit is more stable, can be printed and die cutting packaging products at the same time, may wish to consider the use of automatic or multifunctional online operation die cutting unit. Large and medium-sized printing and packaging factories and carton factories have large production scale, fixed business volume, varieties, and large quantity of products, so we can consider the purchase of fully automatic die cutting equipment for production. Carton factories can also choose to purchase flexo printing machines that meet the characteristics of their own products. At the same time, attention should be paid to the specifications, color groups and functions of the equipment, so as to have strong flexibility and greater adaptability, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises. 

From the overall production situation of the packaging and printing industry, it can be said that die-cutting equipment has a greater impact on the production and quality of packaging and printing factories, which is also a bottleneck restricting the production capacity and market competitiveness of packaging and printing factories for many years. Therefore, to better adapt to the market competition, packaging and printing enterprises must change the traditional concept. To have the courage to break the backward production mode that does not conform to the development of The Times, according to the changes of the market and the characteristics of the factory's production, the appropriate development of advanced performance die cutting equipment, in order to reduce the labor intensity of the production operator, improve production efficiency and product quality, and achieve the purpose of reducing production consumption and production costs, so that the enterprise can better survive and development.



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