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What are the advantages of conductive foam?

Conductive foam die-cutting is a specialized technique used in the manufacturing of electronic components. This process involves precision cutting of conductive foam materials to create custom-shaped pieces that provide both cushioning and electrical conductivity. The die-cut pieces are designed to fit specific applications, such as shielding against electromagnetic interference or creating electrical connections within devices. Conductive foam die-cutting ensures accurate dimensions, a clean finish, and reliable performance for sensitive electronic devices. With this advanced manufacturing technique, companies can create high-quality, reliable, and efficient electronic components for various industries.


Conductive foam, made of plastic particles, is lightweight, making it convenient for everyday handling. It has a closed-cell structure with strong elasticity and quick resilience, reducing the risk of damage during transportation. Additionally, it exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring that products are not affected by external chemical contamination. By incorporating flame retardants during the production process, conductive foam acquires superior flame retardant properties.

Conductive foam offers excellent shielding capabilities. When encountering electromagnetic waves, it reflects, absorbs, and provides outstanding shielding results based on the characteristics of the object. By wrapping conductive fabric around flame retardant sponge and undergoing a series of processes, the conductive foam gains conductive properties, making it easy to be secured on shielding devices using adhesive tape. There are various options of shielding materials with different profiles, installation methods, UL ratings, and shielding effectiveness available for conductive foam.

The advantages of conductive foam include:

1. Shielding effectiveness >100dB when operating within the frequency range of 20MHz-10GHz.

2. Low surface resistivity, <0.07 ohms/square, enabling excellent conductivity of the fabric.

3. Good abrasion resistance, allowing repeated use without compromising its shielding function.

4. Stable operation under most temperature conditions (approximately -10°C to 100°C).

5. Excellent flame retardant properties, achieving UL94-VO or UL94-HB certification.

Conductive foam is suitable for positions with limited capacity and sealing pressure. It is cost-effective and suitable for high-performance shielding applications that require good adhesion. It is widely used in electronic enclosures, casings, indoor cabinets, industrial equipment, laptops, mobile communication devices, and more.



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