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What is a die-cutting machine Punching machine

A die-cutting machine, also known as a punching machine, cutting machine, or CNC stamping machine, is mainly used for processing non-metal materials, adhesive stickers, EVA, double-sided adhesive, electronics, mobile phone gaskets, etc.

The main functions of a die-cutting machine include die-cutting (full-cut or half-cut), creasing, hot stamping, lamination, and automatic waste disposal. Its working principle involves using steel blades, metal molds, steel wire (or templates carved from steel plates) to apply a certain amount of pressure through an embossing plate, cutting the printed matter or cardboard into specific shapes. Die-cutting machines play an important role in the post-printing packaging process and are widely used in packaging, automotive, computer, mobile phone, and camera industries.

According to different embossing forms, die-cutting machines are mainly divided into three types: round press-round, round press-flat, and flat press-flat. According to the form of template placement, they can be divided into vertical and horizontal types, and according to the degree of automation, they are divided into manual (semi-automatic) and automatic types. In terms of functionality, in addition to die-cutting, there is also hot stamping function, known as a hot stamping and die-cutting machine, some of which come with automatic waste clearing function, known as a waste-clearing die-cutting machine.



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