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Thermal Conductive Glue for Power Batteries

Thermal management is crucial for the efficient operation and longevity of power batteries, and one key component in achieving optimal thermal performance is the thermal conductive adhesive. 

The thermal conductive adhesive plays a vital role in dissipating heat generated during battery operation by efficiently transferring it from the battery cells to the cooling system. This adhesive is specifically designed to have excellent thermal conductivity properties, ensuring maximum heat transfer efficiency while maintaining reliable bonding between battery components. 

With the advancement of electric vehicles and energy storage systems, the demand for high-performance thermal conductive adhesives for power batteries has increased significantly. These adhesives are formulated to withstand high temperatures, provide long-term stability, and resist thermal cycling to ensure reliable performance in demanding conditions. 

Additionally, the thermal conductive adhesive offers excellent adhesion to various materials used in power battery construction, including metal, ceramic, and polymer substrates. It provides a strong and durable bond, ensuring the integrity of the battery pack and enhancing overall safety. 

Furthermore, the application of the thermal conductive adhesive is not limited to power batteries but also extends to other electronic devices that require efficient heat dissipation, such as power modules and inverters. 

In conclusion, the development of high-quality thermal conductive adhesives for power batteries is crucial in optimizing thermal management, enhancing battery performance, and ensuring the longevity of battery systems in the rapidly expanding field of electric vehicles and energy storage applications.

In recent years, electric vehicles have been continuously developing towards lightweight and intelligent directions. Compared to traditional vehicles, electric vehicles mainly add three electric systems. Among them, the power battery is mostly lithium-ion battery, and its performance, such as energy density, service life, and discharge rate, is greatly affected by temperature. Under charging and collision conditions, it is prone to cause chain exothermic reactions, leading to serious accidents such as smoking, fire, and even explosion of the vehicles. Therefore, thermal management technology for power batteries is one of the core technologies of new energy vehicles. This also raises higher requirements for the materials required for batteries, and thermal conductive glue, as an important material for high integration of battery systems, is attracting more attention from the industry.

Thermal conductive glue is an adhesive with thermal conductivity. Its main function is to provide thermal conduction and heat dissipation between electronic devices and heat sinks. Thermal conductive glue is usually made by mixing high thermal conductive materials (such as silicone gel) and fillers (such as metal powders). It has good thermal conductivity and adhesion performance, mainly used to improve the heat dissipation performance of batteries, and enhance battery safety and lifetime. Here are several applications of thermal conductive glue in lithium batteries:

[1] Battery packaging: During the packaging process of lithium batteries, thermal conductive glue can be used on the contact surface between the positive and negative electrodes and the electrolyte to improve the thermal conduction efficiency, reduce temperature rise, heat accumulation, and prevent battery overheating.

[2] Battery heat dissipation: In high-power applications, lithium batteries generate a large amount of heat, leading to temperature rise and affecting battery performance and lifetime. Thermal conductive glue can be used in the heat dissipation part of batteries to improve thermal conduction efficiency, accelerate heat dissipation, and reduce battery temperature.

[3] Battery connection: During the assembly process of lithium batteries, thermal conductive glue can be used to connect the batteries, increase the contact area between battery components, enhance thermal conduction efficiency, balance temperature distribution, and reduce the occurrence of hotspots.

[4] Battery management system: Thermal conductive glue can also be used in battery management systems, for the contact surface between heat sinks and battery management chips, to improve thermal conduction efficiency, protect the stability and lifetime of battery management chips.

When using thermal conductive glue, it is necessary to select the appropriate one based on specific application requirements, considering factors such as thermal conductivity, adhesion performance, and temperature resistance. In addition, attention should be paid to the uniformity of glue coating and control of coating thickness to avoid air bubble formation, ensuring the effective use of thermal conductive glue. Currently, there are many companies engaged in the research and production of thermal conductive glue for power batteries, and the following companies are listed in no particular order.



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