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Cutting-edge Technology for Smartphone Accessory Production-Maximizing Efficiency and Quality

Rotary solutions have emerged as a pivotal technology in smartphone accessory production, revolutionizing traditional manufacturing processes to maximize efficiency and quality. In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the demand for high-quality and innovative smartphone accessories is on the rise, creating a need for advanced manufacturing solutions. Rotary technology has quickly gained prominence due to its ability to enhance productivity, precision, and flexibility in producing a wide range of accessories.

A key advantage of rotary solutions lies in its ability to automate and streamline the production of smartphone accessories. By integrating rotary cutting, engraving, and assembly processes, manufacturers can optimize their workflows, resulting in reduced lead times and increased output. This automation not only accelerates the production cycle but also minimizes the margin for error, thus improving overall efficiency and productivity.

Precision is paramount in the production of smartphone accessories, and rotary technology excels in delivering unparalleled accuracy. The precise cutting and engraving capabilities of rotary solutions ensure that each accessory is crafted to exact specifications, from intricate patterns on phone cases to perfectly sized screen protectors. This level of precision contributes to the uniformity and quality of the accessories, meeting the expectations of discerning consumers.

Moreover, rotary solutions offer a high degree of flexibility, enabling manufacturers to swiftly adapt to changing market trends and customization demands. The technology facilitates rapid tool changeovers and quick reconfiguration of production processes, allowing for efficient customization of accessories without disrupting workflow efficiency. As a result, manufacturers can easily cater to diverse consumer preferences, staying ahead in a competitive market while minimizing downtime.

In addition to enhancing efficiency and precision, rotary technology significantly contributes to cost-effectiveness in smartphone accessory production. By minimizing material wastage and optimizing production cycles, manufacturers can achieve substantial savings in both time and resources. The ability to produce a higher volume of accessories with minimal material usage and reduced manual intervention contributes to improved profitability and competitive pricing in the market.

In conclusion, the incorporation of rotary solutions into smartphone accessory production represents a pivotal advancement that aligns with the industry's growing demands for efficiency and quality. By leveraging the capabilities of rotary technology, manufacturers can ensure that their accessories meet the highest standards of precision, productivity, and cost-efficiency. As the smartphone accessory market continues to evolve, the adoption of rotary solutions is poised to be a transformative force, empowering manufacturers to meet the dynamic needs of consumers while staying at the forefront of innovation.


The 5G era has driven the emergence and development of various new technologies. Smartphones, with their powerful functions and convenient operation, have become a trend in the market, and the design of smartphones now has more application possibilities. According to relevant market research, Chinese brand smartphones have a global market share as high as 58.1%. With the significant increase in the market share of Chinese smartphones, the application of mobile phone accessories has also flourished. Today, we will take stock of the classification and application requirements of accessories for mobile phone shell cutting.

Mobile component - Dust-proof mesh


Product features: Different mesh sizes can be used, and products can be selected based on the drawings provided by the customer for different brand models.

Scope of application: Various electronic products industries (such as mobile phone cases, MP3 players, laptops, and peripheral products).

Mobile component - Foam tape/shock-absorbing material

Product characteristics: Microporous composite cushion with functions such as shock resistance, slip resistance, leak resistance, aging resistance, and high/low-temperature resistance. Multiple models are available to meet specific needs. For example, HH48C, L24, L32, H32, H48 are commonly used models, suitable for general instrument foot pads or shock resistance. They have properties like anti-slip and non-damage. The SRS series, designed specifically for mobile phones, has a thickness as low as 0.2mm, slow rebound, and features PET backing paper. The American-produced PORON models 4701-4790 series are also available.

Scope of application: Suitable for various industries, especially suitable for mobile phones, laptops, etc., to play their shock resistance, sealing protection, and non-interference with metal characteristics.


Mobile component - Phone decoration stickers

Product features: Made of PET material, printed and stamped (with 3M adhesive on the back) suitable for screen printing various color schemes.

Scope of application: Panel buttons in the mobile phone industry.

Mobile component - Screw stickers

Scope of application: Various electronic industries, small household appliances, etc. (such as sealing of screws on mobile phones).


Lens laser film

Product features: Bright colors that change depending on the direction.

Scope of application: Various LOGO lenses, and to create flashy patterns on mobile phone lenses.

Mobile component - Phone panel

Product features: Made of PET material, printed and stamped (with 3M adhesive on the back) suitable for screen printing various color schemes.

Scope of application: Panel buttons in the mobile phone industry.

Application examples of adhesives on mobile phone back cover, battery, speaker, and other components.

TP/back cover foam adhesive

Application: Adhesive for mobile phone, back cover, tablet TP, back cover, flash, rear camera decoration, etc.

PE foam


Strong initial adhesion, good retention, with water resistance, dust resistance, and shock resistance. Excellent performance, no delamination of the base material. Suitable for TP/back cover and other positions, good for rework.

VHB foam


Battery back adhesive

Application: Battery assembly, flat film; flash, sealing small parts adhesive; suitable for low-energy plastic bonding. High adhesion: excellent anti-push and shock resistance, firm bonding of the battery and the body. The base material and adhesive formula can be customized according to the performance of different batteries.


Easy tear adhesive

Application: Secure mobile phone and tablet batteries; quickly remove mobile phone batteries for maintenance and rework.

Easy removal, no residue, easy to clean, optimize the reworkability of the product; high adhesion: excellent anti-push and shock resistance, firm bonding of the battery and the body.


PET double-sided adhesive

Application: Foam back adhesive, label fixing, low-energy plastic bonding; light shielding adhesive, 360-degree light shielding, used for camera positions.

High transparency, scratch resistance, easy release, no residue, good comprehensive performance, good adhesion strength to various materials, good initial adhesion and cost performance.


Grid adhesive

Application: Sub-screen foam back adhesive, suitable for positions that require good air exhaust performance. Good air exhaust performance, stable grid, not easy to disappear.


Waterproof foam

Application: Waterproof and dustproof gaskets for mobile phones, computers, tablets; gaskets for cameras and camcorders, shock-absorbing and cushioning gaskets for speakers.


PE + rubber polymer foam, 7-level waterproof, single-side adhesive; good compression ratio, strong filling ability for circumferential waterproof foam, low rebound, good impact absorption, high-temperature and high-humidity characteristics, good flexibility.

Sub-screen foam

Application: Buffer for mobile phones, computers, and tablets LCD or chassis.


Good sub-screen cushioning effect, can solve screen abnormalities such as red and blue spots, white spots.

Low rebound, good impact absorption.

Sealing/pressing foam

Application: Buffer and dustproof gaskets for LCD or chassis of mobile phones, computers, and tablets. High density, anti-aging, strong rebound even after long-term heavy pressure, good cushioning and sealing.




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