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Difference Analysis of Silicone Protection Film and Acrylic Protection Film!

In the die-cutting industry, the use of protective films has become very common, with a wide range of product types. So how do die-cutting companies differentiate between them when choosing protection?Here we'd like to share how to differentiate between acrylic protection film and silicone protection film. Below, we will focus on introducing these two types of protective films.


First, let's understand the differences in performance between acrylic adhesive protection film and silicone protection film.

Most of the PET protective films we use are silicone-coated, and silicone-coated PET protective films are more widely used than acrylic adhesive PET protective films. For example, a large number of PET protective films used for mobile phone screens require silicone coating, and silicone protection films can withstand higher temperatures compared to acrylic protection films. Acrylic adhesive protection films are mainly used for packaging high-gloss products and thin film switches, as they are cost-effective and easy to use.

Acrylic adhesive protection films are mainly used for packaging high-gloss products and thin film switches, as they are cost-effective and easy to use.

Silicone protection films are mainly suitable for sticking on glass surfaces or high-gloss products. They have exhaust functions and better temperature resistance than acrylic adhesive protection films, but they are slightly more expensive.

When die-cutting companies choose protective products, they can purchase suitable protective films based on their own needs.

When we receive a PET protective film product, how can we differentiate between acrylic adhesive protection film and silicone protection film?

1) The simplest and quickest method is to scrape the adhesive surface of the protective film with your fingernail. If there is no residue or powder, it is a silicone protection film. If white powder and adhesive are produced, it is an acrylic protection film. Because of this characteristic, silicone protection film is also known as powder-free adhesive.

2) Distinguishing by smell: Silicone protection film is colorless and odorless, while acrylic adhesive is the opposite.

3) After being burned, silicone protection film turns gray, while acrylic protection film turns into a liquid state.


In addition, there are several other differences between PET silicone protection film and PET acrylic protection film:

1) Acrylic adhesive has high stickiness, and residual adhesive will remain on the surface after peeling, while silicone adhesive has relatively low stickiness, and there is no residue after peeling.

2) Place the protective film on the surface to be attached, lightly press with your fingers, and quickly bond without or with fewer bubbles indicates it is a silicone protection film, while slow bonding with bubbles indicates it is an acrylic adhesive film.

3) In terms of transparency, acrylic is better than silicone.

4) Silicone adhesive has better temperature resistance, smoother adhesive surface control, excellent low-temperature performance. Acrylic adhesive is easy to process and manufacture, has good transparency, low cost, good weather resistance, and strong adhesion.



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