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Introduction to the principle and characteristics of SMT conductive foam

With the continuous development of technology, electronic products have entered the lives of the public and play an important role in daily life. Many electronic products require the use of SMT conductive foam, which has good conductivity and shielding effectiveness, and can be used on components to prevent the passage of electromagnetic waves in electronic devices.

I. Principle of SMT conductive foam

SMT conductive foam is composed of flame-retardant sponge made of polyurethane or EPDM, with an additional layer of conductive fabric processed externally, which forms the SMT conductive foam after treatment. SMT conductive foam has good conductivity and shielding function, and is rectangular in shape, with various standard lengths and widths.

II. Characteristics of SMT conductive foam

1. The material is lightweight and does not require specific humidity conditions.

2. It has good shielding effect and can reflect and absorb different object shapes.

3. It has good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, and is widely used in fields such as electronics and aviation that have requirements for static electricity.

4. It has good flame retardancy and conductivity.

5. It has cushioning and shock absorption functions.

SMT conductive foam is currently a cost-effective and widely used shielding material. It has a relatively low price, good electromagnetic protection, and provides excellent protection for components.



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