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what's Rotary press - Rotary cutting machine

The round knife cutting machine is a device used for die cutting roll materials and is widely used in the packaging, printing, paper, and plastic industries. In the modern production environment, the round knife cutting machine plays an important role as it can improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and meet various die cutting requirements.


A multi-station rotary cutting machine, also known as a rotary press, is commonly referred to as a round knife machine, rotary cutter, or rotary cutting machine. It continuously rotates and cuts the material using a rotary knife, making it one of the most efficient equipment in the die-cutting industry. The products produced by the rotary press are widely used in various fields such as mobile phones, computers, liquid crystal displays, digital cameras, and LCD backlights.


1. The commercial rotary printing press uses roll paper and is suitable for thin paper with a thickness of less than 105G.

2. The rotary press has a very high printing speed, with an average speed of 50,000 impressions per hour, compared to the typical flatbed offset press speed of less than 10,000 per hour. Additionally, the rotary press prints both sides simultaneously, whereas the flatbed press requires the ink to dry before flipping for the second side.

3. After printing, the output is rapidly dried and cut, allowing for different binding methods and folding.

4. The rotary press is suitable for large volume and short turnaround time projects such as magazines and supermarket flyers.

Tension Control

Tension control is crucial for the rotary press and is mainly reflected in the following points:

1. It is a prerequisite for high-speed operation of the rotary press.

2. It prevents overloading caused by excessive tension, thus protecting machine parts.

3. It avoids loose and poor quality winding of the material.

4. It reduces material breakage, which leads to material and time loss and may damage the cutting tools.

5. It prevents curling, especially for composite materials.


In terms of tension control systems for multi-station rotary cutting machines, there are generally two types. One type uses a fully automatic tension control program, which automatically calculates the size of the material roll diameter and tension, ensuring stable tension. This system is widely used in Europe and the United States. The other type of tension control system uses sensors to control tension. Many domestic rotary presses use this type of design, which is more in line with the operating habits of operators in China.

Features of Rotary Press

The satellite-type rotary label printing machine uses multi-color printing plates with one large impression drum. The material is tightly adhered to the central impression drum through friction, overcoming material elongation and deformation, avoiding relative sliding, and maintaining stable printing pressure. This ensures quality and precision of registration within ±0.05mm. Additionally, the printing adjustment time is short, with less material wastage. The use of UV inks overcomes the short distance and easy smudging between printing units, and the printed material can be instantly dried by UV light. Some models are equipped with two impression drums to achieve double-sided multi-color printing. The satellite-type label printing machine is suitable for printing on materials with fixed product patterns, high requirements for precision, and large batch sizes.

Current development status 

The current development status of the round knife cutting machine mainly reflects the following aspects:

1. Continuous improvement in technological level: With the continuous maturity of automation and intelligent technology, the technological level of the round knife cutting machine in control systems, tool materials, transmission systems, etc., has been continuously improved, leading to significant enhancements in accuracy, production efficiency, and die cutting quality.

2. Increasing demand for multifunctionality and customization: With the increasing demand for product diversification in the market, the round knife cutting machine needs to not only have die cutting capability for conventional materials but also the ability to handle special materials, irregular die cutting, and integration of multiple processes, making multifunctionality and customization the trend for the development of the round knife cutting machine.

3. Higher requirements for environmental protection and energy conservation: With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, the round knife cutting machine's energy-saving and environmental performance are receiving more attention, including reducing waste, lowering noise, and improving energy utilization rate.

4. Widespread application of digitization and intelligence: With the rise of the Industry 4.0 concept, the round knife cutting machine is also developing towards digitization and intelligence. For example, advanced data acquisition and analysis systems are used to achieve functions such as equipment status monitoring, remote diagnosis, and maintenance, thereby increasing the level of visualization and intelligence in production.

Overall, the round knife cutting machine is constantly developing and improving in terms of technology, functionality, environmental protection, and intelligence to meet a wide range of production needs and market trends.



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