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Procurement of Die Cutting Machines: How Companies Should Purchase Die Cutting Machines and Tips for Selection

Die cutting technology is mainly used for die cutting and creasing various types of cardboard, as well as for die cutting and creasing of materials such as leather and plastics. Die cutting is characterized by its simplicity, low cost, high quality, and efficiency. As a company, how can you purchase a suitable die cutting machine? Next, I will introduce in detail the tips for selecting a die cutting machine for your company.

The selection of die cutting machine models depends on the company's needs, including the grade and type of products, materials, specifications, quality, and quantity. Choosing the right machine model can not only help the company better capture the market but also lay a solid foundation for further development. Consider the company's own strength and the financial pressure it can bear. Focus on the cost-effectiveness of the machine and try to choose a machine with high cost-performance ratio. Consider both the company's near-term needs and long-term development plans, striving to strike a balance between the two. Additionally, consider the convenience and timeliness of spare parts supply, personnel training, and after-sales service. Also, consider the purchase of supporting die cutting equipment such as cutting boards and cutting blades. When purchasing a die cutting machine, pay attention to the paper feeding mechanism, paper collecting mechanism, main drive system, positioning mechanism, intermittent mechanism, and waste disposal mechanism. Focus particularly on the main drive system, positioning mechanism, intermittent mechanism, pressing mechanism, and waste disposal mechanism. Understanding and comparing the structural characteristics and performance of key components is crucial for determining the final machine model. If you need to purchase a low-end die cutting machine, it is obviously advisable to buy domestically produced machines. If you need to purchase a high-end die cutting machine, conduct a comprehensive analysis of production tasks, financial affordability, precision requirements, cost-effectiveness, stability, reliability, and after-sales service to select the optimal purchasing plan.

When purchasing a die cutting machine, also consider its performance indicators, mainly including the materials suitable for processing, the size or thickness of the material to be die-cut, the maximum die cutting speed, die cutting accuracy, functions (such as waste removal, secondary waste removal, foil stamping, holographic imprinting, etc.), and the degree of automation (high or low). Pay more attention to die cutting speed, die cutting accuracy, and die cutting pressure. While machines with higher speed, accuracy, functionality, and pressure, as well as higher automation, are generally considered better, the key factor in purchasing is to meet the needs of the company and its products.



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