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Unleashing the Power of PI Film in Die Cutting Technology

PI film is a high-performance die-cutting material, also known as polyimide film. It has many outstanding characteristics, making it widely used in various applications. Firstly, PI film has high temperature resistance and can maintain stability under extreme temperature conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for applications in high-temperature environments such as electronic component packaging, battery isolation, and the aerospace industry. Secondly, PI film is an insulating film that can effectively isolate current and ensure the safe operation of equipment. Therefore, it is widely used in fields such as electronic circuits, batteries, and insulators. In addition, PI film has excellent cutting performance and can be easily processed through die-cutting to meet different shapes and sizes requirements. Overall, PI film is a versatile high-performance material that is widely used in various fields due to its outstanding performance in high temperature, insulation, and cutting.

PI film, also known as polyimide film, is a high-performance polymer film material that has gained significant development in the past decade. Its excellent overall performance quickly established its position in the family of organic film materials.


What is PI film?

Polyimide film is formed by condensing pyromellitic dianhydride (PMDA) and 4,4'-oxydianiline (ODA) in a strong polar solvent, followed by imidization. It is yellowish-transparent with a relative density of 1.39-1.45. It is particularly suitable for flexible printed circuit boards and various high-temperature resistant electrical insulation materials as substrates.

PI film is generally classified into two types: thermoplastic polyimide, such as polyimide film used in modern microelectronics, coatings, fibers, and polyimide.

Thermosetting polyimide, including bismaleimide (BMI) and monomer polymerized resin (PMR) polyimide, as well as their modified products. BMI is easy to process but prone to fracture.


Properties of PI film

1. Excellent heat resistance: The decomposition temperature of polyimide is generally above 500°C, sometimes even higher. It is one of the most thermally stable varieties among organic polymers, mainly due to the presence of a large number of aromatic rings in the molecular chains.

2. Outstanding mechanical properties: The tensile strength of enhanced matrix materials is above 100 MPa. The tensile strength of PI film prepared from maleic anhydride is 170 MPa, while for polyphenylene polyimide (Upilexs), it is 400 MPa. The elastic modulus of polyimide fibers can reach 500 MPa, second only to carbon fibers.


3. Good chemical stability, moisture resistance, and heat resistance: Polyimide is generally insoluble in organic solvents, corrosion-resistant, and hydrolysis-resistant. Different structural types can be obtained by changing the molecular design. Some varieties can withstand 2 atmosphere pressure and boiling in 120°C water for 500 hours.

4. Excellent radiation resistance: After exposure to 5x109 rad radiation, the strength of polyimide film remains at 86%, and the strength retention rate of partial polyimide fibers under fast electron irradiation of 1x1010 rad is 90%.

5. Good dielectric properties: The dielectric constant is less than 3.5. When fluorine atoms are introduced into the molecular chain, the dielectric constant can be reduced to around 2.5, with a dielectric loss of 10, dielectric strength of 100-300 kV/mm, and volume resistance of 1015-17Ωcm. Therefore, the synthesis of fluorine-containing polyimide has become a research focus.

Applications of PI film

Due to its excellent properties, PI film is widely used as one of the cutting materials for round blade cutting machines. To produce high-quality materials, it is important to choose a reputable manufacturer of round blade cutting machines with their own brand and years of experience. This ensures that you can receive high-quality service both before and after purchasing, and they can recommend the most suitable and high-quality products based on your production needs.



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