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Die-cutting material | 5 tips for purchasing PE protective film

PE protective film is a widely used material for die-cutting, so it is urgent to learn how to purchase PE protective film. Today, I have compiled five tips for purchasing PE protective film to share with you!

First: check the transparency


It's hard to identify with the naked eye. It's best to use optical instruments for measurement. A simpler method is to choose a small piece of PE protective film and place it in the middle of the desktop. Open a blank Word document and check the whiteness of the blank Word document with or without film or in different film areas (usually called brightness) on the computer. By comparing, the material with the brightest light is the best protective film.

Second: check the fogging

  1. How about the fogging of PE protective film? First, check the state of the protective film when the monitor is turned off. The method is the same as above. The clearer the color of the computer display screen after pasting each protective film, the lower the fogging. The smaller the fogging, the better the material. This method is easier to see the difference if using a black test board.


2. In a slightly dark room, turn on the daylight lamp and tear off the upper and lower release films of the PE  protective film, hold it by hand between the eyes and the light, and carefully observe whether there is a thin fog inside. The uniform distribution of PE protective film inside is the culprit that affects the fogging. The more serious the fog is, the higher the fogging is, and the worse the protective film is. (Note that fogging will affect the permeability, but permeability is a different concept!)

Third: check the static electricity

As the LCD display is a sensitive device that is afraid of static electricity, the less static electricity when pasting the protective film, the better. The testing method is to prepare the PE protective film to be tested (three-layer material or two-layer material), smoke and tap some cigarette ash on the desktop, or put some small pieces of paper on the desktop, then tear off the top protective film of the PE protective film (this step is suitable for three-layer materials), and then tear off the protective film of the silicone resin layer, and then tear off the PE layer. When using the protective film, use the layer (surface of silica gel) closest to the cigarette ash or paper scraps immediately to see if the protective film will adsorb these things onto the organic silicon layer of the protective film and how strong the adsorption degree is. The stronger the adsorption, the higher the static electricity generated by the material will be, the worse the material will be, and the opposite effect will be better.


Fourth: check scratch resistance

1. Whether PE protective film is scratch-resistant is currently the most concerned issue. The scratch-resistant materials on the market are basically the same (2-3H), with good performance. If there is a scratch, it will be considered as not scratch-resistant. The testing method is to use a 3H pencil and push it onto the PE protective film at a 45-degree angle with a 500G force for 10 times. If there is no scratch, it will be considered to meet the requirement of 3H hardness.

2. There is also a simple method, that is, to use a slightly hard metal device or newly cut nails to scratch the PE protective film with the strength of a common test pin. It can be determined that it has scratch resistance.

Fifth: anti-fingerprint

In recent years, the screens of many products have become larger and more and more smartphones have added capacitive screens (touched with fingers instead of marked with pens like the old resistive screens), so PE protective film needs to have anti-fingerprint function.


These are the five tips for purchasing PE protective film today. As a kind of die-cutting material, PE protective film also has related requirements for die-cutting accuracy. Only by controlling the die-cutting accuracy well can high-quality protective film be produced. Fumart round knife die-cutting machine, the leader of die-cutting industry, customizes the die-cutting machine according to the materials you want to produce.



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